Aug 22, 2007

Some NBC Links

Garuda looks back in time and reminisces about the Rally speeches of three Prime Ministers - Lee Kuan Yew, Goh Chok Tong and Lee Hsien Loong:

"I used to listen to every one of MM Lee Kuan Yew's NDR speeches when he was the PM and each time I could not help but praise him. Every one of his speeches drove something into my heart. I believed in him. I trusted in what he said. Tonight I saw him sitting right in front, facing his own son and watching very enthusiastically and anxiously. He looked very healthy and more alert than SM Goh. I think he may outlive his own sons." - Link.
Eugene reflects on PM Lee's Rally speech on education:

"His voice was wavering but he said it with his heart, “Whichever school you go to, whatever home background you come from, we will help you develop your talents to the fullest.” To some Singaporeans, this might be insignificant or forgettable but to someone who has benefited from the
education system, this promise from a leader is welcoming and reassuring."

Vince Liu ponders the risks and usefulness of the sociopolitical blogging in Singapore:

"I am mindful not to speak much about socio-political issues, especially Singaporean, because largely, what I have to say of the 'big issues' that are happening, are usually covered by people who are usually more articulate than I am, not surprising given the fact that my expertise lies in coding, not writing, not even to mention about the sensitivity of talking politics in Singapore ......... do my views bring about change in the civil society? In all honesty, I hardly think it does."


Anonymous said...

Mr Wang, the newspaper got report say the NUS Business School got a $21 million donation from Lippo. How come PM never mention in his speech on philantrophy when he mention donations to NUS Medicine School and the SMU Business school ah?

Did he forget or got something we don't know one?

visceral said...

Its gratifying for children to mock the naked emperor, but not many children could claim to speak immaculate russian

Anonymous said...

Errr, Mr wang, should check this out:

Anonymous said...

See what I mean? Singaporeans are particularly susceptible to spin and propaganda -- be it from the PAP leaders or the evangelical preachers or the magic stones confidence men.

Yau said...

This might be OT - but award winning blogger, Jack Marx, got the sack from his Aussie paper - for making fun of an Opposition leader's gaffe. On his birthday too!!!,23599,22275781-2,00.html

Blog said...

An article from Economist.

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