Aug 1, 2013

Gilbert Koh's Miscellaneous Poetry Updates

Just for my own records. Before I forget where, when or how my poems pop up.

Little Things: A Poetry Anthology

Ethos Books is coming up with a new anthology of Singapore/international poems that "situate poems from Singapore as part of a global literary scene". The editors are Associate Professor Loh Chin Ee and Associate Professor Angelia Poon from the National Institute of Education, and Esther Vincent, a teacher. One very old poem of mine, entitled Durian, will be included. The anthology will be out very soon - this month actually.

Loh Chin Ee is actually an old classmate of mine from the NUS Law Faculty, but I haven't seen or spoken to her for, uhhh, about 13 years at least. After graduating with a law degree, Chin Ee chose to pursue her passion for teaching and literature, which is why our paths never crossed in the legal profession.

Understanding Literature 2, by Andrew Leng

This is a new textbook for upper secondary students in Singapore. It will be published by Pearson Education, with a proposed print run of 10,000 copies over 10 years. It's scheduled for publication in June next year. They want to include one of my poems in this textbook. The poem is My Father Takes My Son for a Walk.

School of the Arts (SOTA)

Got some emails from 3rd year students at SOTA and I learned that their homework was to create some sort of model or sculpture based on my poem Construction. Interesting.

NIE Supplementary Textbook

In another National Institute of Education book project, Dennis Yeo selected one of my poems (Early Influences) for reproduction in a book to be used to teach the English language. The book will contain poetry, prose and drama. It aims to expose Lower Secondary students to Asian literature.

Project LAVA (Literary Arts - Visual Arts)

Another LAVA project. It's organised by the National Arts Council in conjunction with the National Parks Board. Alvin George Khoo will be creating a sculpture from wood, interpreting three poems (one from me, one from Ghani Hamid, and one from Colin Tan). The poem from me is My Father Takes My Son for a Walk. The sculpture will be installed at the East Coast Park sometime this year.