Dec 29, 2006

Starring BG George Yeo & Mr Wang? Nah

I just received an invitation from Channel NewsAsia to appear on a TV talk show with Foreign Affairs Minister BG George Yeo. Blogger Gayle Goh has also been invited.

The topic is "Big Boys Blogging” – the focus is on
politicians and their blogs. The TV hosts would be the Flying Dutchman and Xue Ling. The programme is called

I was somewhat tempted. For a short while. Anyway, I've made up my mind. I'm not going.

One year ago, an opportunity like this would have been really exciting to me. To appear on TV! And talk about blogs! With a PAP minister! Well, that was one year ago.

And one year in Internet time feels like 10 years in the offline world. Since then the Singapore blogosphere has come a long way. Bloggers are no longer going to burst with surprise, delight or alarm just because the mainstream media or the government wants to talk to them. (Okay, maybe "alarm" is
still applicable).

The TV show will probably be a good chance for George Yeo to publicise his own blogging attempts (on
Beyond SG and Ephraim Loy's blog). George Yeo has been blogging diligently for the past few months. But after the initial burst of public interest, hardly anyone bothers to read him anymore.

But I bet George will keep on trying. So will the
post-65 MPs. After all, remember what PM Lee Hsien Loong had prescribed? The PAP needs to be more hip and happening, and the government needs to use "new" media to reach out to the masses.

The leader has spoken. And so the show must go on.

Dec 1, 2006

Comments From My Readers

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