Aug 14, 2007

Salaries in Singapore

I found, through Tomorrow, an interesting blog that's all about salaries in Singapore. Here it is -

There are lots of interesting posts on that blog, including this nifty
one which allows you to benchmark your own annual income (or anyone else's) against the general population of taxpayers in Singapore. Anyone tried typing in PM Lee Hsien Loong's annual income yet? Heheh.

The post featured on Tomorrow was this one -
Median Income By Age Group. It tells you the median gross monthly salary of managers (the generalists) and professionals (the specialists), by different age groups. To get a more complete picture, you would want to plow through the original MOM report, but Salary.Sg's graph does give a quick, convenient snapshot.


Anonymous said...

I was offered a job recently that will put me in the 2.4th percentile of the population who files tax according to the nifty thingy. Should I take it...haha. Based on interests, this job would rank second...

Disclaimer: I'm a fresh grad not much room for being picky I guess.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Wang I saw this this interesting blog

Anonymous said...

the benchmark graph at is obviously truncated for feel good purposes kekeke

Anonymous said...

the benchmark graph at is truncated for feel good purposes kekeke

Anonymous said...

Isn't all ministers and PM, MM, Presidents pegging their salary against the top eight earners ? If they are compared against these jobber, then it is merely a job for these so-called honest and integrity civil servant, so why is it that these people are exempted from the benchmark ?

The only answer is politic party are just able to do whatever they want, whatever they say, whatever they print, whatever craps they make.