Jul 21, 2007

Political Video

I have been writing about Buddhism, meditation, quantum physics, near-death experiences and the reticular activating cortex. But according to Singabloodypore's recent rankings, I am still the second-best sociopolitical blogger in Singapore, after Mr Brown. Don't ask me, LOL, it's Singabloodypore's methodology.

Anyway, for old times' sake, here's a Youtube
political video about Singapore. Entertaining and ... provocative.


jon said...

Mr Wang, if you have time, I'd enjoy having your viewpoints on important educational issues...

ChannelNewsAsia wrote that "Top universities in the world, such as MIT, have more than 40 percent foreign students." (The article relates to the 20% cap for foreign student, which applies only to undergraduate program).

But showed clearly that the undergraduate student profile is "US Citizens & Permanent Residents: 92%"!!

jon said...

How many foreign students enrolled in MIT?