May 31, 2007

Thanks For Reading!

I had 59,541 readers in the first 30 days of May. (More precisely, the aggregate monthly total of unique daily page impressions was 59,541 ... but whatever). It will comfortably cross the 60,000 mark by the end of 31 May.

This would be lower than April's record readership of 67,215 (when the rise in ministerial salaries sent many Singaporeans flocking to the Internet for alternative views).

But May's readership will still be higher than all other previous months. And so Mr Wang thanks you for reading.

And he also says hello to all those new readers who just discovered the Singapore blogosphere (including this blog) in April, and who decided to stick around to read more.

Mr Wang has one more CMFAS exam left to go, so he may not be blogging much in the next two weeks. He'll be back after that. In the meantime, this very helpful aggregator - the Singapore Surf - can help you find your way to worthy reads on the Internet. Or you can visit these excellent blogs:

Yawning Bread
The Online Citizen
NMP Siew Kum Hong
No Fear Singapore

(Incidentally, as you can see from the image, it is quite difficult to make a living from Google Adsense earnings).

Bye for now!


nofearSingapore said...

Hi Mr. Wang,
All the best for your exams.
I will try to keep you horde of fans occupied til you get back.
But incidentally, I also got exams ( Human Resources and Competitive Strategy modules)- so I hope your fans don't expect too much from me.
I fully vouch your point about he Adsense- There is only peanuts to be made ( but the real peanuts not the Mrs Goh variety).


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your endorsement of The Online Citizen.

It's good to see a major blogger promoting the Workers' Party online portal.

Anonymous said...

...Singabloodypore is an excellent blog?

Anonymous said...

FYI, the Adsense site has tips on how to optimise your earnings e.g. what colours to use, etc.

You might want to read it to find out how to earn more.

Unknown said...

Hi Mr Wang,

You may want to use Google Analytics to track visitors to your website. It's much better than using the adsense numbers