May 16, 2007

Job Hunting

A reader just sent me his resume. Okay, folks - please note. I can't possibly know everything about every industry in Singapore. So much as I would like to be helpful, I really don't think I am in any position to give specific career advice to all of you.

(Wow, that sounds so INTJ. See the 1st paragraph

If you wish to get a job in Industry A, you should talk to people who are already working in Industry A. They will be the best people to give you a sense of what the job market is like, for Industry A.

You can also try talking to job agencies and recruiters who work within that particular industry. For example, if you're an IT guy, talk to people like
this blogger. These are the guys who will really know what kind of jobs and what kind of salary you can get, based on your experience and qualifications, and what kind of employers would be interested in you.

Also, people, if you're not sure how to make your resume look good, please do yourself a favour and borrow one of those "how to write a good CV" books from the National Library. The resume does matter. Use yours, to present yourself in the best light possible. Good luck.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Wang, your link to " this blogger " is down :)

missing the ' om ' from .com

Jimmy Mun said...

It's a test to see if you really know IT!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Wang,

I had been following your blog on career and had just seen this article. If you do not mind, would you like to direct them to my forum at

I had setup this website in anger, after I worked till I collapsed in my previous workplace, and was rushed to the hospital A&E. I meant the site to be an encouraging forum/portal but am again trapped in the 9am to 11pm cycle and had not been updating it for a long time. The forum is practically new.

What the heck, maybe it will be more useful as a community question and answer site for people to ask about stuff on different industry sector. Thks.


Anonymous said...

its good news Mr. Wang is recognized as one of those rare few bloggers with insight.

i'm surprised to see someone sending his resume to Mr. Wang. like. wth?
like as if Mr. Wang is some interviewer. i'm sure doctors and lawyers dont like to dish out free advices during their lunch time with friends.

as for tips on writing a resume?
i see Mr. Wang is being polite with him here. i would ignore it if i were him.

i hope these people can have the decency to bother to do some research before sending his resume around for people to comment on.

Anonymous said...

I thought this guy should send his resume to one of the MPs in his area..Why? the MPs are supposed to help what..if not why are they paid so highly?
Try sending your resume to the MP for help and see if there is any reply...haha
Not trying to be sarcastic here, but Mr Wang, you are real kind.

Anonymous said...

There are a few possible reasons why someone will send a resume for others to review:

1) Currently out of job & super desperate for a job to feed for his/her family
2) Plain lazy to check/readup on writing a better resume
3) Hoping MW can make some referrals for a better job prospects.

Unknown said...

Actually, I am in view that your own CV should be passed around to lots of people, particularly to people that know you quite well...helps you get exposure.

People generally have no idea that you are looking for a job until you tell them you are...