Feb 7, 2007

Big Bazaar at SMU

Lots of food, and also clothes and other merchandise flown in from Thailand, Korea and Japan. It's for a good cause, hence I'm publicising it.

There will be 200 vendors, and 58 booths are given to social service organisations to sell their stuff. Net profits all go to charity.

Some charities involved include Bethesda Care & Counselling Services Centre; Focus on the Family; Handicaps Welfare Association; Migrant Voices; Muscular Dystrophy Association (Singapore); NTU Welfare Service Club; and the SMU Red Cross Chapter.

The event starts this Friday and ends on Sunday. For more details, click

I might go myself. I still haven't ever walked around on the SMU campus. It looks pretty good, from the outside.

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Anonymous said...

NTU Welfare Service Club at an SMU event? LOL I wonder how credible those guys at NTU Mass Comm school are!