Nov 23, 2011

What Shall I Do With This Blog?

I really don't know. I do know that I am not interested in blogging about social issues and political stuff anymore. On the other hand, I'm also not the kind of person who will blog freely about my private life, for anyone in the world to see.

I could blog about my various interests. On the other hand, I have many varied interests, more than most other people. Over time, this blog could grow rather incoherent and messy, just because my interests are so varied.
Then again, since I am not aiming to make a living from Google Adsense, do I care if my blog grows incoherent and messy? Probably not.

I thought I might use this blog as a platform for my creative writing. Some draft poems, some excerpts from draft short stories and so on. The first problem is that I don't do much creative writing anymore. The second problem is that I have to get used to the idea of putting draft work out into the world. Most writers don't like to show their raw, unfinished pieces to the world.

One possibility I am considering is writing reviews about the books I read. "Reviews" may be an overstatement - I don't want to write real, heavy-duty reviews - it's more just like sharing some observations and thoughts and excerpts about any interesting books that I come across.

Mmmmm, with a bit of work, that might get me to the point where publishers send me free books, to entice me to give them some publicity. Done some of that in the past, but I didn't quite sustain it long enough to get that many free books. I did get a couple though, hahaa.


SY said...

Hey Mr Wang
I've been reading your blog since I was a first yr student at uni. (Ive graduated and now I;m doing postgrad!some credit should go to your blog for helping me pull through my studies, and injecting refreshing ideas into my head about things)
anyway no matter what you write or post, there will always be readers like me who will appreciate and find value in your posts.
thanks for posting all these while mr wang.

Anonymous said...

You should do what Darkness does every time he works on a book. He writes it directly on what we call a story board. This is like a common bulletin board where everyone can change it. Most people are quite respectful, so all they do is correct his many grammatical and spelling mistakes. Then when it is completed, he takes all the credit. Maybe you take yourself and your work too seriously.

Alvin said...

Have always enjoyed your writing, particularly your posts on personal growth. But whatever you want to write next, just hope you keep writing :)

Anonymous said...

You should continue to make political comments to help Singapore. Many daft singaporeans will remain daft without your enlightening posts. Cynthia & George will be glad that you decide to hang up your boots.

Anonymous said...

just close it down lah, aiya need to think so much meh?

Anonymous said...

Yep! No socio-political content.
Close shop.

Anonymous said...

That is a very lovely picture of a cat

Ghost said...

Do whatever you want Mr. Wang. This is your blog so whatever you want to do is good.

Anonymous said...

Mr Wang,

You seem to like cats. Or rather cat photos.

But I hate cats. Because I encountered cat droppings outside my house. Not even a cat trap can catch it.

Cats can be cute but their droppings are disgusting and even a health hazard, especially for pregnant women.

AL said...

Hi, I have my own blog. It started out as tech and Palm focused. Now it, wellll contains lots of stuff.

Never be bothered about Adsense.

All the best.

SG Girl said...

I miss your social and political posts. Anyway, it's your blog; write what you're comfortable with.


Anonymous said...

any reason why you lost interest in social political matters?

veii said...

Messy is beauty, when it comes to you. You're probably the most interesting man in SG (surely an overstatement, but I hope the point is clear!)

Anonymous said...

Did you receive a warning from above to stop your political writings?

Anonymous said...

It's your blog so write whatever pleases you. Cat looks apprehensive, smile Cat : )

Anonymous said...

Mr Wang, what you just said in your post is exactly what I had been telling my friends. After getting to the upper echelons of society and into the mega rich stratosphere you no longer bother about politics and social issues anymore. Why bother? You own enough assets to be more worried about how the assets will perform from government policies rather than how policies are going to shape society at large.

Which is really how a lot of smart intelligent people who could help shape society disappear from the radar. The government provides the platform and system for people to develop and progress up the social hierachy. Once they reach a certain level they no longer bother about the poor or the needy or social cohesion. It's all about money.

That's also why I tell many Singaporeans....don't blame the government. It is not their doing. It is the people themselves. Some are too passive. Some are active. Some develop and move on to better things.

I've seen it happen before and Mr Wang, you are another clear example of this phenomenon in Singapore.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr wang, i've been reading your blog for years. It will be really sad if its closed. I read many informational and inspiring posts from you. You may wonder inspiring... ...? The first time i clicked on your post was from link, it said something about good karma, and from then onwards i was hooked. You never know when your inspiration will come again to blog here but please dont ever give up your blog. Im sure many readers here will agree that we look forward to any posts of yours. :)

Anonymous said...

There was a part in a micheal Moore movie where he was interviewing some rich Canadian elderly gentleman and he was asking why he doesn't mind paying more taxes than people who are poorer than him. He immediately replied that it was the duty of the rich to help the poor. There was no hesitation at all, and from the look on his face he couldn't understand why micheal was asking such a fundamental question. To him any other way was unthinkable. Now my question to you mr wang is this. You have a sharp eye, you know the lies from the truth, and the how and the why of the lies. Why aren't you helping more peoplemunderstand what's really going on? This isn't about toppling the government or making some heroic stand. Most people are just too dense to understand why and how they're being screwed. They do not have an in-depth mind like you do. Your recent post on the smrt blunders was spot on, without being vulgar or biased. We need this level of bloggers, not the idol crap or the foulmouthed xiaxue variety. Ultimately it's your choice of course. Just know that your absence will be greatly missed

Anonymous said...

To the person that do not like cat

The cat you mentioned is likely to be a homeless one. When it rains, you and I have a nice and dry home to go to, but they have to hide under cars or get drenched if there is no where to go.

In this urban landscape where it is just concrete, where do they find food?

And they have to be worried about when their next meal is coming, whether people will trap them and send them to certain death, or get knocked down, and be abused.

please this person that do not like cats, there are worst things to hate. Hate the person that refuse to give up its seat for a pregnant lady, hate that person that spit on your hate AND

about how its a health hazard for pregnant women, well im guessing you are talking about taxoplasmosis, read this:

Experts estimate that about half of toxoplasmosis infections are caused by eating raw or undercooked infected meat, eating unwashed contaminated produce, drinking contaminated water.

you mentioned