Dec 27, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

'Tis the season when I grow jolly and quiet and busy, all at the same time. As I reflect on the big picture of life, I see the hits, the misses, the hugs and kisses, and all the new adventures that lie ahead in 2010. Life is a rich and colourful place, and I am glad to be here.

Right now, my left brain and the right brain are getting together to talk and sing and plan and imagine a few possibilities. I've made a list of things I want to do in 2010, and a list of things I need to do, and a list of "maybe" things.

Some details are sketchy - but is that not how life behaves? There's only so much that we can foresee and predict. Life itself will fill in the blanks as we go with its flow.

Oh yeah. I spent some time thinking about what to do with this blog in 2010. One possibility was to delete it and quit blogging. Nahhh, I told myself, that is a little too drastic. On the other hand, it is true that the original raison d'etre of this blog (and its predecessor, Mr Wang Bakes Good Karma) has already been fulfilled.

When Mr Wang first started blogging in 2005, the Singapore blogosphere was pretty much a ghost town, as far as discussion of social, political and economic issues were concerned. My goal was to help plant the seeds for a more active, socially aware blogosphere - to encourage debate, to encourage participation, to get more people to come forward and express their views too.

Back then - I know that many of you would have forgotten by now - some readers were hesitant even to leave anonymous comments on a blog. They feared that somehow, the evil PAP government would find a technological way to identify and track them down. And who knows what the PAP might do then? Blacklist their HDB application; their scholarship application; their job application; or worse, get the ISD to arrest them.

That was our kind of Internet culture, back then. That was the climate in Singapore, generally. We've come a long way since then. Not saying that everything is all flowers and beauty right now - it's not. But today the local blogosphere is certainly much bigger, much more active, less fearful, than it used to be. Many, many more Singaporeans (ok, PRs and foreigners too) are blogging to express their views about what's good, what's bad and what can be improved about Singapore. Furthermore things have reached a point when the government can no longer not acknowledge the existence of views, opinions and concerns expressed on the Internet.

And with that - Mr Wang will ... well, not exactly retire from writing about social issues etc. But Mr Wang will definitely feel much more at liberty, to venture into new sorts of topics, different sorts of themes, all in the great new year of 2010.

See you then. Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mr Wang.

Future Singapore history books owe you a place.

Merry Xmas n Happy 2010.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, thank you. Despite what you've said, I certainly hope you will continue to speak about social issues and provide a voice of reason - what is sometimes sorely lacked.

All the best in 2010.

Loyal reader,

Anonymous said...

Mr Wang,

You have achieved much as a blogger. And with recognition too, eg from NLB. No mean feat.

I can't even bother to start any blog, let alone sustain it for 4 years and also be so popular.

Bloggers like you have certainly made a difference to the widespread apathy of Singaporeans.

I hope this may even extend to have an impact on the outcome at the next elections.

Or maybe for a bigger hope, Mr Wang should be blogger turn politican too, like some in Malaysia.

Meantime the least I hope for is please continue your blogging.

chengguan said...

"...Mr Wang should be blogger turn politican too, like some in Malaysia."

this was on my mind when i was reading this post. however, i think somehow the conspiracy theory of PAP getting lawyers and doctors busy making money is somehow working so well... :P

Parka said...

This is one of the better blogs that talks about issues in Singapore. Seems like everything is substantiated unlike most other blogs who just look to sensationalise issues.

Good luck for 2010.

Anonymous said...

"...Mr Wang should be blogger turn politican too, like some in Malaysia."

If Mr Wang ever take up politics, my guess would be he'll be a is a smart guy....

Anyway , all the best to you in 2010.

Ser Ming said...

Have a blessed and fulfilled year 2010 Mr Wang =D

Gwee Li Sui said...

Have a Brilliant New Year, Gilbert! :)