Jun 1, 2007

A Quick Note

Some of you may wonder why my "Comment Moderation" is usually turned off, but is sometimes turned on.

I turn on "Comments Moderation" at certain times, for specific reasons. For example, currently I have a post about Grand Season International, and due to the nature of the subject-matter, there is a possibility that some readers may leave comments which may be construed as defamatory.

Thus while the post is still topical, I would leave the "Comment Moderation" function on. In other words, a reader's comment will not automatically appear, but will appear only after I have "approved" it.

Unfortunately, Blogger does not allow "Comment Moderation" to be selectively turned on or off for particular posts. So "Comment Moderation" is currently is activated for the entire blog.


Anonymous said...

Now that's what I call transparency!


shaz said...

i need to moderate some of mine they are gettin out of hand

zan said...

Hi, this isnt a comment per se, just wondering whether you were from FSD... out of curiousity.


Mr Wang Says So said...

Yup ,....