Jun 10, 2007

Interesting Post

A Dialogue Concerning Two Medias, from the Singapore Angle. It summarises recent developments in Singapore's mainstream media and blogosphere, and makes some attempts to predict the future. An excerpt:
Specialist bloggers changing the landscape of Singapore: A respected blogger (who I cannot mention) once offered this view to me, "Celebrity and controversial blogging is the thing of the past two years, and what comes after that is specialist blogging." Of course, celebrities like Mr Wang, Yawning Bread, Xiaxue and Mr Brown are always there, but the emphasis is changing in view of market forces. Socio-political blogging has suffered with the departure of several high profile young bloggers and the lacklustre activity of other bloggers. Of course, as old bloggers depart, new ones will emerge.
The funny thing is that this post comes at a time when I am already shifting away from sociopolitical blogging, to other kinds of topics that interest me.


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Mr Wang Says So said...

Try clicking on the link, that should be easy enough, LOL.

Anonymous said...

It would be sad if the socio-political blogging scene died off. Let's hope the prediction that new ones will emerge will come true.

- X.