Sep 22, 2011

Friends, Romans and Countrymen

Over the past few months, I have received many emails from you readers - firstly, concerning my lack of posts, and secondly, concerning my lack of political posts. Some fans have been shocked that I actually let the entire Presidential Elections go by, without writing a single post about it.

That is one of my regrets. Mainly because now, with the benefit of hindsight, we know that Tan Cheng Bok (whom I voted for) ultimately lost by the tiniest of margins (just a few thousand votes).

If I had just written three or four pro-Tan Cheng Bock posts during the campaign season, I would easily have swung a few thousand votes in his favour. And the history of Singapore would have proceeded in a different direction.

But as I said, this observation is made with the benefit of hindsight. If we had the psychic ability to predict our probable futures, there would be many things that each of us would do differently. Since I don't have such psychic ability, well, I'll just have to move on with life and its miscellaneous regrets.

Anyway, after all these years, I am tired of my label as "Influential Singapore Socio-Political Blogger". It cannot be my problem that there are tens of thousands of you who want me to carry on writing about that sort of stuff. I have done much more than my fair share of National Service in the blogosphere. I think that it's time that some of you step up and fill that gap.

As for this blog, well, I will probably go on writing here. But I will write about any topics that interest me, not just politics. In fact, politics will probably get relegated to "Occasional" status. Increasingly I will use this blog as a personal diary of my own life. (As you may recall, that was the original reason why blogs came into existence).

Some of you long-time readers, who came here primarily for the socio-political  content, will quit reading this blog. This decision I do understand, and to you I say - thank you for reading, all these years. We all have to move on sometime. Me included.


Anonymous said...

I am 57. I can still remember vividly albeit it was 30 years ago, a man stoically ,sitting in the corner table of Muthu`s Curry ,lunching by himself. He was the honorable Mr. JB Jayeratnam. I was a young fledgling banker. I had never voted for PAP ever then and had always admired Mr. Jayeratnam for his courage. Yet, I could not summon myself to just `hi` to him.Perhaps,he conjured a feeling of guilt of myself of not doing more other than voting against the PAP.
Perhaps, I do not want to feel
that `alone` ever no matter how
heroic one may feel going openly
against the PAP.
I have retired well. I have no regrets. We can only do what we can
if its just only by the count of
our votes.
You have certainly,Mr Wang ,done more than your fair share. I
understand when you said that you are `moving on`. I wish you and
your family all the best.

Anonymous said...

"If I had just written three or four pro-Tan Cheng Bock posts during the campaign season, I would easily have swung a few thousand votes in his favour."
Mr Wang Says So

I would think so too. In fact, that Aljunied GRC was won by the opposition in last GE was probably due to some of your blog postings, the contents of which even the MSM talked about, although they did not mentioned your blog directly, but the reference was obvious.

Since the next election time is 5 or 6 years away, is there still any influence blogs, however popular, have?

So maybe you are right to move on.

Anonymous said...

i knew mr wang will vote for TCB. dats bcos anyone who doesnt want a prataman presidency will obviously not go for TT, he being a clear pap candidate. however lots of people lack the courage to make a clean break from the pap, so they went for TCB, not realising this fella is also a pap man and has a more or less similar platform with TT. lol

Ghost said...

Actually I posted something similar to this. Dr. Tan Cheng Bock gave a good fight but he lost. Singaporeans should really stop with all the "what if" and deal with the result.

Anonymous said...

"If I had just written three or four pro-Tan Cheng Bock posts during the campaign season, I would easily have swung a few thousand votes in his favour. And the history of Singapore would have proceeded in a different direction".

Don't think so!
You should have used meditation to look just a little further and would have that psychic power. It is not too late though as there will be future GEs and PEs.

Anonymous said...

Mr Wang, thank goodness you didn't write something to support Dr Tan Cheng Bock. Otherwise someone who tried to play both sides and appear neutral would have won.

Woon Tien Wei said...

A few thousand can't change the outcome. You will need at least 8000 or more votes. Other point that mr Wang made here is that more people should step up to do their part too. It is never too late.

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

8,000 is nothing during a peak season.

I had 300,000+ page views in May, and this figure doesn't include the people who forwarded my emails to their friends, or the readership of readers of blogs likeTemasek Review (which cut & pasted my articles onto their own site).

Anonymous said...

Your past reviews on things political have awaken my apathetic self. And from some of the useful comments made at your blog, I have learnt to look at issues from more than one view-point, especially the one perpetuated by the Straits Times.

Perhaps, in your next non-political blog, you want to talk aboutthe issues of Filial Piety. I am at the stage where I am confused,guilty and tired on taking care of very difficult parents. What I do now is no longer out of love, but out of guilt and duty.

Do you think your kids should take care of you when you grow old even atthe expense of their own happiness?


Gintai_昇泰 said...

Yelp! Keep writing Mr Wang. Love to read your posts. So you do believe that your blogs could have changed our history forever? I hope that belief of yours will keep u writing here! Cheers!

Winking Doll said...

Hi Mr Wang,

Years ago, I stumbled upon your old blog due to its entries on Singapore's socio-political issues. When I read your blog and others like Yawning Bread's, it expands my perspective and helps me to be more logical in my arguments. Thanks for your sharing and contributing to my personal growth.

A little on the esoteric stuff here. Do not regret the EP results. IMHO, reality is the earthly result of many competing souls. Even if one were psychic, one may not be able to change the course of history, nor would one want to because every event poses a learning opportunity.

It's your blog. You have ownership and the right to decide on its directions. All the best and look forward to reading your "diary".

Winking Doll said...

To Tired One at September 23, 2011 10:28 AM,

I can guess how you feel. I have a very difficult relationship with one of my elderly parents too. I'm lucky in that my other parent is supportive, although at times obstinate and is unable to communicate differences calmly with the spouse. For me, I migrated leaving my parents to my several siblings (who, thankfully, are supportive of my migration). Otherwise, as the only single daughter left, I was expected by the difficult parent to not only take care of my parents, but also my difficult parent's equally difficult elderly spinster sister and sometimes even the entire extended family. That's not my job! That is in addition to other sacrifices expected of me in their patriarchal mindset.

IMHO, filial piety, like all other human values involved in interpersonal relationships is a 2-way traffic. There is no point being a filial martyr if one ends up with PTSD or depression or other mental illness as a result of an unhealthy relationship. I have learnt to keep my family life private except for those friends who have known me for years who have seen and understood my struggles or those whom I trust to be able to see a broader perspective. Otherwise, people judge others based on their own narrow experiences and expectations. If you're so judged, ignore these folks, for they have not walked a mile in your shoes.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your past efforts, including National Service in the blogosphere.
Wish you well for your next stage of life cycle.
Common Understanding / Awareness -> Common Destiny

Anonymous said...

"I would easily have swung a few thousand votes in his favour. And the history of Singapore would have proceeded in a different direction."

You think way too highly of yourself. You wield no such influence and possess no such ability to change the history of Singapore. Has receiving too many fan mails made your head swell?

Anonymous said...

"I had 300,000+ page views in May" not the same as "I can swing 8000 votes to TCB". You think too highly of yourself. zzzzz

Anonymous said...

I have tons of readers = I can surely get X% of them to change their vote from candidate A to candidate B?????

You really should stop reading fan mails. Otherwise, you will end up like PAP ministers - they got a shock at the election because the "fan mails" they have been receiving from grassroots leaders have painted a rosy picture of them and their power and their influence. kekeke

Anonymous said...

Eh? Three comments saying the same thing within mere minutes of each other? Smells like an anonymous masquerador to me. Hahhhaaa.

Ser Ming said...

Hi Mr Wang,

Thank you for all your insightful entries with regards to local politics and social issues.

I still get to see you once in awhile at a MRT station and I wonder should I go up and say 'hi' and discuss on topic like law of attraction and stuffs like that? =P

Anonymous said...

To Winking Doll, 24th Sept.

Thank you for your sympathetic comments.
For me, I take comfort in these comments posted in the Straits Times Forum:
"Imagine that you exist in this world because your parents are afraid of being broke and lonely when they grow old. How wretched is that?"

"Just like respect and love, filial piety has to be earned. Any child would natural- ly want to love and care for his parents. But if they are undeserving of their love, then the parents have no one to blame but themselves."

"In my view, the son is culpable because he is so accommodating towards the mother and hence encourages her bad behaviour.
If this is what filial piety is all about, then I do not wish to be part of it.

But I still think filial piety cannot be enforced, because it comes from the heart."

"As a parent, I believe we should love our children unconditionally. We should not impose our expectations on our children or demand their love in return. If our children are filial, it is a bonus."

I wish you the very best in life,Winking Doll.

Tired one.

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

Eh, Yam, you should have come up to me to say hi!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Wang,

I must thank you for your past efforts.
I enjoy reading most of your posts.
All the best to you in your future endeavours,