Aug 16, 2011

No More Baby Hands

My poetry book Two Baby Hands has sold out. I found out by chance a few weeks ago, but it must have sold out before then.

I was looking at the publisher's website, which has a catalogue of all their books. And I noticed that for "Two Baby Hands", the website stated "This title is currently out of stock. Please send us an email at if you wish to be informed once new stock is available".

The first print run was 1,000 copies - which is the standard number for each local fiction/poetry book that this publisher (Ethos) publishes. So it looks like 1,000 copies of Two Baby Hands have been sold.

This is pretty respectable for a poetry book in Singapore. Poetry has a small following here and many poetry titles never sell out; instead the remaining books get scrapped after sitting in a warehouse for too many years.

But it is also a little sad for me that the book has sold out. In a way, it's like a clear sign that a certain part of my life is closed and over, and it's time to move on.

But then I've always been good about moving on. Hmmm.


Anonymous said...

Mr Wang,

Maybe you should also write a novel using Singapore as the story theme and setting, which although a small place, provides a rich setting for a novel or even films (Jack Neo did a quite a few with local themes, some even box office hits).

If your poetry book can sell 1000 copies, I am sure a good novel of yours will do much better.

udaya210 said...

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AlexK said...
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AlexK said...

wow looks like you made a cool profit?

Anyway, isn't it possible for the publisher to print more since the initial run sold out?

Anonymous said...

was looking for an insightful posting from you on the presidential election. When are you goind to write one?

lobo said...

You could convert it to ebook, and sell the book... forever. With ebook, comes Print on Demand services (for those who prefer print copies) some booksellers may offer.

Singapore Man Of Leisure said...

Hello Gibert aka Mr Wang,

Your poems are very thought provoking. Love them.

I am having fun myself experimenting with some simple poety. (Not much depth yet; but I have to start somewhere!)

Life is so much better with music and poetry in our soul!

Congrats on the sales of your book!

Shu Wen said...

Dear Mr Koh/Mr Wang,

Congratulations on the sold-out run of your book! I managed to FINALLY buy a copy of 'Two Baby Hands' last Saturday at Kino and I'd be searching for a copy for the past year since I discovered this blog. I really enjoyed reading your poems and they were really simple and moving. I look forward to your next poem anthology!

Anonymous said...

I check NLB catalogue for "2 Baby Hands".

It shows "Not on loan" for almost all copies.

So if it is out of stock at bookshops, can still easily borrow a free copy at any of the public libraries.

Anonymous said...

Mr Wang, I wish you would write more often, I love your work.

Anonymous said...

Actually Singapore does better than many other "established" literary communities, where poetry seldom has a 1,000 print run (try 300) and hardly ever sells out at all.

Anonymous said...

hmm, wondering whether you have been given a gag order not to make political commentaries since your last post that help send George and Cynthis out of Parliament?

Anonymous said...

I guess yes. Now that the citizenry has shown more maturity at making informed choices, at voicing out without fear, making rational arguments, maybe it is time to wean off the baby hands.

Thor said...

It was good to see an entry after such a long hiatus. Wondered what happened. But, sadly, your note seems to hint of perhaps a fading away from the public domain. It will be sad, as yours is one of the four online places I visit to find out more about local happenings. I guess that is the nature of civic society. We want more of those who are able to give, without thining of thier personal lives. Best of luck, whatever you decide.