May 8, 2011

What Do You Think of the Election Results?

I think that is a great day for Singapore. It could have been better, but overall it's a great day.

The victory of the Workers Party in Aljunied GRC is a truly historic moment for the nation. Congratulations, Mr Low! And I look forward to seeing the great value which I believe Chen Show Mao will bring to the national policy-making process in Parliament.

I'm also glad to see that Yaw Shin Leong has won very comfortably in Hougang. I think that this is evidence that Hougang residents do not see the Workers Party as just Low Thia Kiang - this is why they have placed their trust in Yaw too.

The PAP won in Marine Parade, and as I predicted many posts ago (in fact, it was my first GE2011 post), the infamous Tin Pei Ling gets to ride into Parliament as an MP, riding on the strength of Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong. Still the narrow margin of the PAP victory in Marine Parade will send a strong message to the PAP that they had better buck up and remember the people they are supposed to serve.

Nicole Seah, I am glad that you ran for elections. The odds were always against you, but I believe you knew that very well from the outset. Your campaign has awakened and inspired something in our collective hearts, about the need to help the poor and the underdogs in Singapore, and you have connected powerfully with native Singaporeans. I hope to see you again, in GE2016.

Tan Jee Say, I am sorry that you did not win. I know why you ran for election, I understand why you did it, and yes, I agree with you that the PAP has lost its moral compass. Take comfort in the fact that your hard work and great efforts in GE2011 may compel the PAP to start searching for its compass again.

Chiam See Tong, you are a hero in my eyes. You have been a brave voice in Parliament for so many years, and you have earned the admiration and respect of many. I feel that you have done enough, and in view of your age and health, I feel that it's time for you to retire and take a good rest. You will be fondly remembered, especially by the residents of Potong Pasir who steadfastly stood by you for so long, through the years of PAP bullying.

Lina Chiam, it was so close, so close! I don't know what to say. If you were standing beside me, I would give you a big, big hug. Take care, dear brave Lina, my best wishes to you.

Vivian, in an odd way, I'm glad that you did that smear thing against Vincent Wijeysingha. This ugly episode reveals something about your personality, and it's good for the people of Singapore to know. I've already met someone from your church who says that from now on, she'll be giving you a cold look every time she sees you.

Lee Kuan Yew, you might have saved George Yeo's job if you hadn't said rude things like "Chen Show Mao can go back to China" and "Aljunied voters shall repent." Pssst, here's a little bit of news for you - you're not God, and it isn't a sin for citizens to vote for whoever they like. You annoyed many voters there, next time consult your PR adviser first.

Hsien Loong, I hope that your apology was sincere. And that you're really going to change things and make things better for Singaporeans. If you do, then I promise to tell my blog readers all about it, as loudly as I can.


Anonymous said...

Is George Yeo collateral damage? Well don't forget that it is not just George yeo. There were two other high profile PAP candidates at Aljunied. So the voters reflected, reasoned and made their decision.

Aljunied was a hard fought election and the PAP threw everything at it including apologies and promises of listening to the people - not change but listening to the voters.

Well these are promises not just to Aljunied but to the people of Singapore. So we must not forget; the PAP promised the Singapore that they will change themselves. It's not just about Aljnied. It is a promise to the electorate of Singapore.

Let's see.

SG Girl Next Door said...

On the one hand I'm happy that WP won one smc & a GRC. On the other hand, I'm upset cos only one party made it.

Perhaps overall Singaporeans don't mind the rising cost of living; the overcrowding in mrt & buses; the high prices of HDB flats; the stagnant wages; the FTs taking our jobs, etc.

I couldn't sleep. I wonder what lies ahead for us now...

Anonymous said...

"Pssst, here's a little bit of news for you - you're not God, and it isn't a sin for citizens to vote for whoever they like."

LOL, classic. I love reading your blog, Mr Wang.

Anonymous said...

The popular vote is down but the PAP will spin it and will continue to behave like they have a heavenly mandate.

What has changed?

We get the same suffocating over-over-overpaid government

Mr Wang, all our efforts here to expose the Aljunied empresses helped to bring them down!

Goodbye George, Hwee Hwa & Cynthia: nobody will miss you

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

"Perhaps overall Singaporeans don't mind the rising cost of living; the overcrowding in mrt & buses; the high prices of HDB flats; the stagnant wages; the FTs taking our jobs, etc. "

But I think that Singaporeans do mind. The PAP's overall percentage is down by 6% and has fallen to its lowest in many decades (I think the ST said, the lowest since 1963).

Anonymous said...

Mr.Wang, you are an intellect,a
patriot and an optimist. I sincerely
thank you for your tireless effort
in sharing your thoughts through
your blog.
No matter how you dice and slice the result, its kinda disappointing
for me.We have only ourselves to blame.
Singapore is still not ready for change.

Anonymous said...

GE 2011
Star Wars Episode 4 - "A New Hope"

GE 2016
Star Wars Episode 5 - "The Empire Strikes Back"

Enjoy the victory today.
- A battle has been won
- The war is far from over
- Be Prepared
- Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty

Anonymous said...

I am depressed!

After being denied our basic right to vote so long, it matters not a jot what we say

Why are we carrying pink ic? I can't feel the benefits of citizenship.

If people like TPL, Janil, Foo Mee Har can be a parliamentarians, all our hard work, following the rules and laws of this land and playing fair are for naught.

Why bother with NS? The PAP has sent out a rotten message to S'poreans. Someone tell me why we ought to contribute to this nation?

Parka said...

People do mind the cost of living.

Those who don't have to retire in Singapore probably will vote for PAP - those are guaranteed votes for PAP already.

Anonymous said...

Pl also dont forget Mr Yee(Worker's Party) who did very well at Joo Chiat and all opposition candidates who were faced with an uphill task in this unfair level playing field where government resources were used to support PAP even during GE period. My opinion is that government agencies should remain neutral and not support any party. Thanks to all the Singaporean voters who had voted bravely and wisely. Three cheers to one and all.

Jon said...

Two former principal private secretaries failed in their election bid (Tan Jee Say and Ong Ye Kung), while the 27 year old wife of a principal private secretary sneaked into parliament (Tin Pei Ling). That's the tyranny of the GRC system!

Ghost said...

Personally I don't think too much has changed in this election. PAP won over 60% of the votes and has a 81-6 advantage. That's a good result for the PAP so I don't think the PAP will ring in too many changes in the coming future. Based on the results, Singaporeans seem more than happy with the PAP overall.

Anonymous said...

A pathetic day for Singapore. So what that PAP's percentage is down to 60.1% (lowest since 1963)?

As long as they have the total say in Parliament, nothing is going to change and they will continue to tweak the electoral system to their advantage for the next election.

Overall voters are still enticed by the upgrading carrot, asset enhancement and worst of all, voted out of fear rather than with their minds and hearts.

I wonder how much would be their salaries in 5 years' time...

Anonymous said...

Very happy and glad that WP took down Aljunied and Hougang.

Very sad that Chiam See Tong and wife lost their gamble.

And very pissed that some of the more obnoxious PAP ministers and MPs are still around.

But it is overall comforting to know that we now have a few more good hearts and sharp minds to help us watch over PAP and remind it to think for Singapore and Singaporeans as much as they think for themselves.

Thank you, Singaporeans, we got a bit of our dignity and self respect back.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 10:49AM

Exactly right!

Our contributions will just create more opportunities for foreign workers to come and earn their buckets of gold to bring home so that they can buy land, build houses and retire comfortably.

Anonymous said...

Very glad that only WP won, as I think a 2-party system is the right way forward. PAP can represent the conservative rich and WP to fight for the masses.

Talents should flow towards WP now and weak players like SDA, NSP, RP and SP should merge into WP.

It is a good thing that opposition do not win too many seats now because the real shift will come in 2016 whereby up to 75% of electorate at that time will be internet savvy, so no more PAP MSM domination.

This will allow WP to grow steadily for next few years, and allow WP more time to find good team players. No more CSJ or Desmond Lim to spoil the party.

PAP should be very worried now given the political awakening of the younger generation. Their policies should be more moderate going forward, though I think many in the party leadership will be resistant to salary reduction, which will likely allow WP to gain further grounds come 2016.

Considering recent development, I am very positive about singapore's future.

Anonymous said...

Will we see reforms or crackdowns from here? All parties have to keep their promises, in particular the PAP. Reform, retrench, re structure whatever, there's lots of deadwood, ivory castle dwellers in your ranks. 4G candidates looks mediocre, possible splits in party
ranks, complacency in meeting challenges from alternative parties. There is no harm listening to alternative views, they are better than Animal Farm chants.

Amused-Not! said...

Some analysis is in order:

PAP’s 60.1% share may actually be much worse than it looks. In 2006, oppositions competed in only 47 out of 84 seats, presumably in more opposition friendly wards. Had they competed in all 84 seats in 2006, PAP likely would have won over 70% votes. So this may represent a 10% vote swing among the electorate.

Despite winning only 60.1% of the votes, PAP still manages to retain 93% of the seats in the parliament, mostly due to its meddling of the electoral system over the past decades. It again has the power to amend constitutions at will. But this time it may suffer voter backlash without a referendum.

Once again, it has proved to be an uphill battle for any opposition to succeed in Singapore politics. The WP had to field an extraordinary field of candidates just to win a GRC. Many capable and popular opposition politicians in the past, including JBJ and FS, were either prevented from contesting through bankruptcy and other means or were in exile.

WP has accomplished the impossible by winning a GRC but this feat is unlikely to be repeated in future elections. PAP will continue to enjoy super majority representation in the parliament despite having only 60.1% share of voter support. People opposing PAP policies will find it futile to effect change. They will have to work with PAP or leave the system (as LKY suggested to CSM to go back to China.) So expect the brain drain to continue and foreign nationals from developing countries to take up the slack.

Anonymous said...

Americans had to live with George Bush for 8 years but we have a George Bush government for a lifetime

Singaporeans are selfish and prefer shopping to national salvation

We have every man for himself culture, thanks to the PAP

So threats work in this cowardly country. LKY says don't rock foundations, regret and repent and we all take it like the losers that we are

Anonymous said...

actually, like it or not, most Singaporeans are rational folks. they would rather choose to give their votes to PAP than to opposition candidates that does not appear to be credible and if voted into the parliament, would prove to be loose cannons. its sad that some of the really good candidates (like Mr Chiam & team, VW & team) did not make it into the parliament. perhaps, if opposition parties do close ranks and consolidate, we might see much better results in future GEs.

the other thing is, MSM is really a good propaganda venue. I've to admit that they've managed to paint a picture of Dr Chee Soon Juan as a super unstable political candidate in my mind. But, like many others, my impression of SDP and of Dr Chee has changed through the use of social media. I think having candidates such as Dr Ang Yong Guan and Tan Jee Say adds to their credibility too.

Looking forward to better results by Opposition parties in GE2016!

Anonymous said...

Funny that me has got a lot of respect for my fellow countrymen in Hougang and Aljunied o the Election Outcome, BUT, can't say the same for the Rest.

Bye and all the best.


Ex-PAP Supporter said...

Mr Wang,

In 1991, we have the Seet Ai mei effect, and in 2011, we have the Cynthia Phua effect :-).

Pre-mortem, the PAP internally were already predicting winning 60% of overall votes (with 3% margin of error), so no surprise there. LHL's humbling apologies did work after all.

This election has shown that PAP's uaual tactic of bullying and threataning voters is ineffective and in GE 2016 expect to see more candidates shedding tears in rally speeches and adopting softer approaches.

WP has done very very well in this election. They won convincingly in Aljunied (no recount needed) and the winning percentage of votes in the electoral area where they lost ranged betweeen 49% to 42%.

Anonymous said...

In the last election, WP lose Aljunued by 43.9% and they won this round.
Now there are a few GRC in the same situation (PAP won with less than 60%)
If PAP continue to take things for granted and do not improve the life of Singaporean then expect more GRC to fall in the next election.

Anonymous said...

i suspect PAP will need to further reduce size of GRC for risk management as well as to train up their MP in winning hearts and elections.

Quite clear that many PAP MPs have poor PR skills and are poor public speakers. I cannot see anyone of Pritam's calibre, other than LKY who will expire soon.

Look at the current slate of ministers: TCH, WKS, VB, MBT, LSS, LHK etc. Many have image issue and cannot persuade a thirsty man to buy a coke.

Then the much "admired" 4G leaders, we have a rather wooden ex-central banker and a kee chiu general. Hardly leadership type. Only one of potential is BG TCJ.

Many of the other PAP MPs are also rather colourless yes-men. Serve them right for getting rid of "trouble-makers" like Tan Cheng Bock, Tan Soo Koon etc.

If I am LHL, I will be very worried for future of PAP. A bunch of self-serving, over-paid technocrats.

Anonymous said...

To 11:50 am.

Are Singaporeans rational? Or just selfish? Cowardly and can't think?

The Chiam team represented a new generation of S'porean leaders. Their campaign strategy was poor but if S'poreans want a better country, they should have made the leap of faith.

But they want their cake and to eat it too?

I hope we, greedy singaporeans, choke on our cakes

Anonymous said...

seriously, is anything going to change at all? PM has said "we hear all your voices..." but will they listen?

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

I honestly think that this is a good result for the opposition.

2 opposition MPs to 6 opposition MPs is a great improvement, considering that we had only 2 for the past 20 years.

In the worst case scenario, it could have been 87-0

Nicole was great but honestly on a overall basis, her team was weaker than GCT's.

Opposition lost Potong Pasir as a result of CST getting old and deciding to go down in a blaze of glory by going for. GRC despite poor health. It's natural attrition, he has done his best and for long enough.

The vigorous campaigning has also been educational, I believe, for the less-educated, less-aware and older generation of Singaporeans who would blindly support the PAP just because of LKY's long-ago glory days.

Come GE 2016, what might we expect?

More and more of that less-educated, less-aware generation will have passed away. LKY himself may well pass away - he's already exceeded the average life expectancy by then.

More and more people will be learning about this country through the Internet, rather than from government propaganda.

Expect to see more well-qualified people being ready to step forward and contest as opposition candidates.

All this is great stuff, for Singapore.

Joel said...
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Anonymous said...

George Yeo is brought down by Lim Hwee Hua and Cynthia Phua. The two ladies are just too arrogant and insenitive. They shouldn't have made the police report.

Lee Hsien Loong has apologised. So will he bring up pay revision downwards for Ministers?

Anonymous said...

If one tilts the tables in one's favor and still lose, then it is opportune to do some soul-searching.

There's seriously something wrong with the system when someone like Ms Tin is picked.

Anonymous said...

meritocracy is alive in the opposition and dead in the PAP

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha. The part on LKY is the best.

People will hit back instinctively when threatened especially when they have the upper hand of the votes when it matters most. Well, the repent will come later, if it is ever necessary.

Knowledge is power, threats will only work against those who are powerless.

Like what you said, overall it is great result, a good improvement. The tide is moving & changing its direction.

Chow said...

I just hope they don't fix the Opposition or redraw the boundaries again. I'm sure they will do that. In a sense it's obvious from these tactics that they aren't so much interested in running the country for the people than run it for themselves or to prove an ideological point that their way is right and damned be all other ways.

Anonymous said...

A large percentage of the older folks are the PAP's voters. The reasons for such voting are diverse: 1) fear and loathing; 2)affluence and a belief that they cannot do without them; 3) simply because they are old and do not care anymore, and since they are not adventurous like the younger generation, they choose to stay in the status quo.

Anonymous said...

The optimist in me sees the winds of change. The pessimist in me sees the sad probability of them being change for the worse...

SG is still not ready to recognise that not the pap or their ministers are truly indispensable.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that the WP won Aljunied and Hougang, but I am puzzled at your glowing praise for Lina Chiam and Tan Jee Say.

Lina Chiam has been proven on national tv to equal, if not worse rival Tin Pei Ling in terms of bimboness. The only thing she has going for her is that she is Chiam See Tong's wife, and I do not see how that should be relevant in an election.

As for Tan Jee Say, his economic proposals while textbook ideal do not hold water in modern society today. For a previous principal private secretary, I expected much more in terms of insight and depth of thought in his proposal. But for the rest, they deserved the margins they fought for. Hope Singapore improves in the future!

Anonymous said...

I know the result was not very much what everyone hope for including myself. If anyone who complains about high cost and crowded transport, then the first question to ask them is " Who did you vote?" If MIW, then don't you dare complain.

But on the other hand, I look towards the bright future and feel very encouraged. The opposition is getting more credible, more young citizen stepping forward to speak for the new generation and are connected better with the people.

More importantly the vote % for MIW in coming down, it is a progress...thing have to happen step by step I guess.

Come GE2016, I beleive it will be a even more menaingful election for us all Singaporeans.. as someone have wrote, the beachhead is to move forward and secure more.

To MIW, be a gentleman and DO NOT redraw the constituencies. No one respect the leader who are NOT ethical, fair, transparent and compassionate. Respect have to be EARNED.

Jonathan said...

I would be very interested to see the statistical model that the PAP used for their prediction model. They were spot on for both the vote share (60% +/-3%) as well as the number of seat losses (6). What kind of leading indicators could they have used that weren't available to the public?

Anonymous said...

I will only believe LHL's apology is sincere if he does not include MM and SM in his new cabinet. Change must happen at home first, before he can change for Singapore.

Anonymous said...

A hollow victory for PAP. Will GRCs disappear? There are no numbers to change electoral system unless they do it based on enlightened self-interests and what is ultimately best for singapore but based on past behaviour, don't hope for anything to change because power is so seductive

Anonymous said...

How are they going to reform the PAP?
If they can't reduce the ministers' salary from the stratospheric level, don't call it reform.
Are they going to do away with the nepotism and croynism?

ladybird said...

This election is a disappointment to me, but not because George Yeo lost. It is disappointing because I feel a lot of Singaporeans had voted based on fear, ignorance and self-interest.

I was formerly from Nee Soon Central SMC. In 1991, we voted in the opposition SDP and were promptly denied a polyclinic in Yishun although a slot was reserved for it. In its place a childcare centre and medical centre were set up. In 1997, the Nee Soon Central voters accepted the carrots offered by the PAP and voted them in. Subsequently, we got our polyclinic. I pitied the doctors who spent thousands of dollars on their clinics only to be ordered to leave to make way for the Yishun Polyclinic. Such is the injustice of Politics!

Another disappointment for me in this election is our dear old Mr Chiam See Tong lost. This is the man who really served his people with his heart. It’s sad to see him working so hard offering to serve but lost because of his poor health.

The only consolation is WP has managed to retain Hougang and won Aljunied by a significant percentage!!! The road ahead won’t be easy for them. They have to work doubly hard to prove to their supporters that they had made the correct decision to vote them in and would not have to repent for the next 5 years.

I look forward to election 2016 when the electorate will be more informed, more educated and not be taken in by the government propaganda. Change is in the air, albeit, a slow one.

Anonymous said...

"How are they going to reform the PAP?"
Anon May 8, 2011 1:19 PM

Despite all that has been said, and as the PAP has again win big, I think the PAP will not reform in a drastic way. Or may not even reform at all.

The only way is when opposition is ready, and to be seen to be ready, and to contest with the objective to form the next government.

Other than that, I don't see any reform for PAP, or how opposition has any chance to win big to form the government and reform from there.

A leopard can never change its spots unless it is replaced by a tiger.

Anonymous said...

//Jonathan said...May 8, 2011 1:00 PM
They were spot on for both the vote share (60% +/-3%) as well as the number of seat losses (6).//

Link(s) please. Hope it is not just another after-the-fact exercise to tell you that the results were well within their expectation & superb prediction.

Jonathan said...

For those asking for a link on the PAP prediction model, this was leaked and posted on cooling day:

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the WP team - you made history in Singapore politics and you made us Singaporeans proud.

Had Mr Low not taken the chance (a calculated risk) to venture out of Hougang, the results could have been 86-1. That would have been a disaster and would have set us many years back!

It was bold and far-sighted of Mr Low and his party to make the decision for him to step out of his comfort zone and venture into a GRC.

Without doubt, the WP team in Aljunied would need to work very hard to strengthen their hold, just like Mr Low had done in Hougang. But in the same vein, the PAP team would likely work just as hard to win it back.

I'm curious what sort of team the PAP would send to contest in Aljunied the next time round. Will they send a strong or mediocre team? If they send a strong team, they might be afraid to lose their strong candidates. If they send a weak team, they will be seen as not confident.

But that's 5 years down the road. Who knows, maybe the GRC might be scrapped by then ;)

Oh, and I'm not so optimistic about GE 2016. Many think that the young, being more educated and Internet savvy, will likely be more sympathetic towards the opposition - for example, because they understand better the need for checks and balances in parliament.

But you would be surprised. I've spoken to a couple of young people with tertiary education prior to the polling day. I was rather dismayed that, without much hesitation, they revealed that they would vote for the PAP. They feel that their lives have been good and they don't see the need for an alternative voice in parliament.

Anonymous said...

I am upset that the SDP's team of Tan Jee Say, Dr Ang Yong Guan, Vincent Wijey, and Michelle Lee lost. It is very very sad that such good people cannot get into parliament and voters preferred the truly deplorable team led by Vivian. I give up hope on my fellow Singaporeans. It just breaks my heart.

Anonymous said...

How many 5 more years does opposition have.
In 5 years, the Singapore identity would have been diluted, Singaporeans displaced and personal debt pile up sky high that politics will be the last thing on their mind. Well, only time will tell but it ain't gonna be a pretty five years for the middle and low income. PAP will not change, they will only tweak the policy to their advantage and in 5 years it will be more difficult for the opposition to put on a fight. Sigh....i wish Singaporeans have the balls of Malaysians...shit.

Anonymous said...

agree with ladybird

i didnt get ST today and dont see chiam on the front page of online edition

i'm so sick of singaporeans harping about being pragmatic which is nothing more than materialism

idealism is dead in this country

the aljunied team can try to talk about what public service really means but i wonder if it will all fall on deaf ears

why rock foundations when u hv choice of 3 meals in hawker, fd court or restaurants, covered walkways, maid to carry your bag

Anonymous said...

I too think this is a good result for the WP and Singaporeans.

Some of my thoughts will be the significance of the win in Hougang and Aljunied GRC.

In Hougang, the PAP's policy of continued alienation is doing them damage. When they removed a PA kindergarten when they lost in 2006, that angered many parents, who were left in the lurch.

The PAP also seems to forget that despite the majority support for the WP, there is still a significant minority voting for them and alienating them means pushing them eventually to support the WP instead. This is perhaps the reason for the continued swing of votes to the WP.

With Yaw now firmly anchored in Hougang, it will take take more than promises to win back this constituency. Threats no longer work and throwing money does not move the ground.

Hougang will continue to be the opposition seedling, whose sprouting leaves now cover Aljunied GRC, and may evolved into bigger things for the WP.

The win in Aljunied GRC is significant. It laid to rest the silent assumption that putting a minister or two to helm a GRC will ensure it is impregnable. Several GRCs, with heavyweight ministers, have seen their share of votes tumbled substantially in this election. It also laid to rest the myth that the opposition will not be able to assemble a strong enough team to take a GRC.

Furthermore, the win in Aljunied GRC will encourage even more talented people to join the opposition, helping to helm and lift the standing of their GRC teams in the next election in 2016.

My other thought moves to Chiam See Tong. I think he would still have won if he had not move out of Potong Pasir. But that is now history. That he is well liked and greatly respected still shows from the support he still gets, despite his frail health.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous May 8, 2011 1:29 PM

You can only fight a leopard which never changes its spots with a true blue lion. What did Chen Show Mao say in one rally speech? He called us Singaporeans to wake up from our stupor and cowardice, and that was basically in the vein of what the late JB Jeyaretnam told Singaporeans to "wake up" from our slumber and cast off our indifference. We are supposed to be the lions as the citizens who will procure change via our votes, yet on the whole, we voted in the incumbent once again. I am not that optimistic that the young generation really is as passionate about wanting change unlike us, the small percentage of people online surfing the internet who want our country to improve without being beholden to any particular party's politics. As much as the results do show a diminishing margin of voters sympathetic to the PAP's cause, they still can be considered to have a "strong mandate" by interpretation. As such, it only means that we will have to start from the very very basic, the people, to re-orient and change their mindsets and make them see. Till then, only till then, can real positive change be positive. If not, we are only part of a camp that is of the minority.

Michael said...

An open appeal to PM LHL - my wish list of things that PAP could do if it really wanted to listen to the electorate:

1) Let go the MM. He is a liability to your efforts to reform the PAP. Have him to resign or whatevber, and then call for a by-election for Tanjong Pagar GRC. In doing so you will give the other 4 team members in the Tangjong Pagar GRC an opportunity for the baptism of fire at the ballot. These 4 have never really been elected. How are they going to stand shoulder to shoulder with the other 82 who can lay claims to have been their selected by their electorate at the May 7th polls. You could put George Yeo back in if you think he is too important to lose. Let the electolate decide again.

2) Hold a referendum to let the citizens decide if "GRC should be abolished". In a few months time, we will be holding the Presidential Election. Take this opportunity to let the electorate to also decide what kind of parliamentary elections that they want in the future. Allow the people's will to take effect at the next Parliamentary Elections.

3) No more gerrymandering of the electoral boundaries. Aljunied GRC cannot lose 22,000 voters to the AMK GRC only to gain 22,000 from the Marine Parade GRC. And you call this accounting for population shifts? The joke on the internet is that one can change one's constituency in 3 successive elections without even changing one's address. You know what I am driving at - PAP is plainly and purely self-serving in all these maneuvers.

4) This wish list goes to the very core of the PAP's reformation. You see I am not even talking about foreign talents, foreign workers, cheaper HDB flats, less crowded MRTs or lower costs of living. For many years now, Singapore operates only a semblance of democracy. True democracy where you return the powers to the people is only possible if PAP reforms itself. And unless you do that, PAP will really lose big in GE 2016.

Anonymous said...

//Jonathan said...May 8, 2011 1:40 PM

It falls in the range 53% (worst case) to 63% (amended best case) up to 66% (original base case).

If PAP won Aljunied, they are still right by the statement "he may scrape through."

Prediction wrong on hougang as it was retained by a higher margin.

Bishan-TP won by 57% (a little off from 53% +- 3%).

Overall, 1GRC and 1SMC loss was pretty accurate. If the trend on mind share loss from the younger generation continues its pattern, the next GE will be very interesting.

Alan Wong said...

WP's win is already good comfort for me. For all those opposition candidates who lost, do not lose heart. Take it as a first step towards better things to come in the future.

With its own proven track record, WP should start a sort of political franchise to offer its brand name and goodwill to some of the more credible opposition candidates to contest the next election under its banner. I think this is one damn good viable option to break PAP's monopoly.

Thank you WP for inviting Mr. Chen to join your battle against all odds. We shall continue to support you.

Anonymous said...

I wish I can wipe the smirk off some candidates and ministers'faces when they won, which by my standard, a pathetic percentage win. Those who should have been booted out STAYED, while the qualified one is OUT (and no, i am not referring to LHH and CP). Good job to WP.

Unknown said...

A little disappointed that only one GRC and SMC was won by a single opposition party, but quite happy of the significance of Hougang and Aljunied in the bigger picture of things. GE2011 will go in history as the turning point where political apathy was cracked open and Singaporeans finally realized that they have a voice after all through their scared vote.

Anonymous said...

1)Is the PAP going to put 5 "advisers" in Aljunied GRC to meddle around with the day-to day affairs in Workers' Party Aljunied GRC. Are all the coummunity centres in the GRC closed to the elected WP MPs.
2) Worker Party should start looking at the various RC within the Aljunied GRC. Get rid of all PRs sitting in the RC who are there to get priority place in Pri 1 registeration.

Anonymous said...

The WP cannot touch the propaganda machinery in Aljunied GRC and that means the RCs, CCs etc.

In fact whoever represents the PAP will still sit on top of the CCs and RCs. The elected representative of Aljunied GRC, which is the WP, would probably have to go through the PAP representative to apply for some facilities.

That is the reality of how screwed up is our so-called fair, open and transparent Government. That is one of the things that should change.

Anonymous said...

PM has said that they had heard our voice. I don't know what he meant by that.
Can he be more specific about the peoples' voice: Below are few examples :-
1) No more redrawing of electroal boundaries, don't use all sorts of excuses. "Chop here , chop there , give here and give there" provides the people no sense of belonging.

2) Change their attitudes toward Opposition Singaporean voters elected MPs. Truely respect the choice of the voters and not putting "advisors" within their lost SMC & GRC

3)Go away the NCMP and NMP

4)Minister's salaries,imigration policy,
5)No priority of PR children even they volunteered for RC...etc..etc..etc..

Anonymous said...

i think that the WP A-Team should spend the next 2 elections to run the ground and groom the next gen WP MPs for aljunied while Yaw similarly spends the next 2 elections to run the ground and groom the next gen Hougang MP before the WP A-team moves from Aljunied to a new GRC. if they were to move to new GRCs right in the next election.. i'm not sure how voters might interpret such a move.

Anonymous said...

Thank you mr wang for the quick analysis update and your very optimistic thoughts!!!! I feel much more cheerful after reading it.

Anonymous said...

The WP has a few young good personality coming into and developing with the party elders.

Besides Yaw, Pritam Singh is another. These two should be playing bigger roles as they move on.

Yes building up the party and membership base is important. The foundation must be reliable and strong and be able to withstand any shakeups. When Gomez and Goh Meng Seng, and a few others left, I was skeptical about their future, but then they were able to recruit new blood and that speaks a lot about their attraction to those wanting to serve.

This is what we Singaporeans have been hoping for, a two party system evolving, that promises better defining of policies and debates, not the autocratic path we are witnessing right now, with a one party rule.

Anonymous said...

In 5 years time at GE2016, MM Lee will be 91 years old. Seriously wonder whether he will still stand for elections. He could though as Tanjong Pagar is always a walkover. But he'll look foolish and will go down in history as the leader who can't let go.

Another trend is that more of the new immigrants will become citizens in 2016 and thus eligible to vote. However, if PAP assumes that these new citizens will autmatically vote for them, they may be in for a shock.

For one, the new citizens from China may actually identify more with oppositions parties like the Worker's Party who is seen as being more proletariat and concerned with worker issues while the PAP is seen as elite-based and who you know to get into their system, never mind all their proclamations of meritocracy.

The new Chinese immigrant may not be as docile as your average Singaporean.

Eaststopper said...

This election results is indeed a turning point. It raises the bar that the ruling party has to deliver - not just sound economic policies but policies with a heart as well.
This will be a challenge to the new generation of parliamentary members, very different from the previous era of leaders: to be able to listen, propose and articulate policies which have Singaporeans in mind.
I look forward to a better Singapore.

Anonymous said...

This election tells me one thing.

We can only function with 2 parties instead of multiple parties.

Looking at the only 3-cornered fight, you can see that PAP and WP have a mindshare over people. PAP for Pro-Ruling, WP for opposition.

I will always wondered what would have happened when Nicole seah, tony tan, vicent, see jay and alec joined the WP instead of other parties. They could have been slotted into GRCs and WP might have walked away with a few more GRCs.

From now on, WP will go strength to strength as more credible candidates take to WP when they want to heed the calling of the nation.

SDA, SPP, NSP can actually disband.

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

That is also what I was thinking.

Many Singaporeans are still living in fear. They are afraid that there could be repercussions from voting for the opposition. The fear stems from many nasty incidents in LKY's heyday, and his targets were the likes of jeyaretnam, tang liang hong and francis seow.

But your average new citizen will have no clue about these incidents. Hence they have no fear. Many new citizens will also tend to find the PAP's gridlock arguments somewhat absurd,, since they have come from countries with much more oppo representation in Parliament. When these new citizens hear that the PAP has 81 out of 87 seats, their thinking is "What gridlock? PAP needs to lose another 37, 38 seats, before there is any actual gridlock."

Anonymous said...

Some things, while they may not contribute to the PAP's loss in Aljunied nevertheless are troubling.

George Yeo's almost distressing lament about the WP giving Aljunied GRC voters a diliema, by contesting in his stronghold, is a very telling comment.

Remember, George is an ex-army general and, in a battle, you do not blame the enemy for invading your territory. You have to find a way to outwit their advances, to counter their strategy, not blaming them for making forays into your territory. If our army generals are made of the stuff that George is, I am worried.

Anonymous said...

Who will be send to Aljunied the next time round?
Well.. Most probably the PM himself and another heavyweight Minister(who might be old and due for retirement after 2021).

This one sure win.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...May 8, 2011 4:35 PM
The new Chinese immigrant may not be as docile as your average Singaporean."

True. The dynamics of the collective mind / psyche of new immigrants coming from different countries and cultures is more complex and more difficult to predict, not moulded by the same upbringing that singaporeans may have gone through and hence tend to be more homogeneous.

This will come in the forms of idiosyncrasies & demand that we may not usually encounter given our own specific culture.

Anonymous said...

Well, before this, many PAP supporters were throwing challenges and taunting Low to leave Hougang and contest in a GRC.

Low has not only taken up the challenge but delivered a stunning blow to the lightning God.

I do not think the PAP will dare to put Mah or Wong or Goh CT or even the PM himself into Aljunied in 2016. Even putting the four of them together into that GRC is not a sure win strategy, even if they have the guts.

Anonymous said...

Personally I think we should not be expecting too much from the opposition. They have already put up a very good show and I'm very proud of them! After all this is the first time only one GRC has a walkover. Looking at the narrow margin, it is clear our people are more receptive to opposition. That's also because they have fielded more qualified candidates this time round.

I hope those who have lost will continue to walk their ground. Don't be disheartened by the lost in this GE. As long they are really there to help the residents and not just only around just before GE, residents will know. It's also a good opportunity for opposition candidates like Nicole Seah to hone their skills further to prepare themselves for the 2016 GE. I'm sure by then they will be a better candidate in 2011.

Hope Workers' Party will do a good job for Aljunied GRC and Hougang SMC. You must show them you can make it!!! You are my Heros!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, emotional dilemma nonsense was disastrous. And then george yeo said he will head reform wing of PAP. And then he said Singapore is nothing without the PAP. And then he said he's not going anywhere.

Own goals lah. Just desperate like GCT

Anonymous said...

I prayed and God answers my prayers. No mortal man is beyond God... no matter how he wishes to be.

Fighting fit said...

PR is all about sensitivity to how the average human being feels or will respond to something. PAP or the gov hasn't shown much skill in that area over the years, thus people say they have lost the "moral compass." I put it simply as "disconnect."

PR also involves damage control, which again requires sensitivity. Only PM has displayed skill in that--and in the last days of the campaigning. Of course, many argue that having PR skill isn't enough. But I think you can be the best in whatever you do, but when you need PR skill, and you are found lacking, it'll cost you.

Anonymous said...

A baby step, a flicker of hope.

The road to democracy is long and hard indeed!

Raelynn said...

when you know the people who are directly involved in the TPL saga, you'll start to think whether we're being overly harsh on her.

TAP said...

I'm glad to see the improvement in the quality of discussion during the campaigning period. I'm happy to see Singapore grow in this aspect.

It appears to me that many opposition members and supporters are bitterly disappointed to know the results. Don't be! 1/3 of the population support you even though you are less well-known that the PAP members. In fact, before the election, I don't even know who Tan Jee Say (great economic proposal, hope it will spark an intelligent national discussion), Dr Ang Yong Guan (we need someone to look into the mental woes of the increasingly stressed working force) and Nicole Seah (excellent media handling and superbly thought electioneering). This proves that there are high calibre people in Singapore. Do continue to contribute to the growth of the country.

For the PAP, this is probably an important lesson to be learnt. Be grateful that swing isn't sufficient to prevent you from holding onto power but the growing discontent of the people is very real.

In my humble opinion, everyone is a winner. I look forward to a more exciting GE2016.

Anonymous said...

Very good post. But with GY's departure and other recent departures like Lim Boon Heng, will be useful to analyse the internal dynamic shifts within pap, think tall man(and faction) within cabinet and party has weakened considerably. Also with GY's departure, voice of reason and moderation (more liberal views) will be subsumed under the hardliners who's position has been strengthened within PAP politburo.

Anonymous said...

I was talking to a few people at work, people in the lower class. they all cited needing help from government as the chief reason for voting PAP.

they feel that their votes can still be tracked, based on their friends experiences.

they don't want to jeopardize their chance in case they help from their PAP RC or government boards.

at the end of the day, though they may have great aspirations to make a change in singapore, their own interests still come first. it is only human. i don't blame them. not many can place the country first before themselves.

and not to forget about those civil servants, which make up the biggest pool of employees in singapore. they too worried for their rice bowl, as the fear of their vote being tracked lingered.

in a perfect world, there would be true democracy. but in singapore, just like the rest of the world, we have to make do the imperfect political system, and make our best of lives here, for the sake of our loved ones.

so as LHL always says, lets move on.

4th Generation said...

What do I think of the GE Results?

Two Words: Expected and Disappointed.

1. Expected. The number of people who will vote for the PAP without fail are those working in the Civil Service, GLCs, Temasek, NTUC, PA, CCCs, CCs, RCs, SAF, Police, Civil Defence, etc. PAP has caught them by the balls. These amount to about 40-45 percent of voters (including their family members). There is another group who rely on the Govt for livelihood, i.e. suppliers of goods and services to govt agencies as well as contractors.
This beholden group amounts to about 5-10 percent of voters who will vote for the PAP. So, in total there will always be 45-55 percent of PAP voters in every GE. With the 8 months bonus given last December given, the PAP has sealed its victory in this GE. The Oppositions will always have a margine of only 1 to 10 percent if they win at all. This is the reality of Singapore's politics.

2. Disappointment. A 81:6 Parliament means the PAP can still tweet the Constitution and introduce New Laws without any problem. I am really disappointed that despite so much hardships, sufferings, anger and frustrations in the last five years, most Singaporeans are still as daft as before. They will never change.

Ironical and Idiotic.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gilbert,

I am an overseas Singaporean who didnt get to vote bcos of the numerous obstacles stacked against us. The registration deadline was a few weeks before 7 May and there was only 1 polling station for the whole of Europe. This was my 1st chance of voting in 30 over years and sadly I didnt get to exercise my constitutional right overseas.

My good friend chided me for not flying back home to vote, not that it would have made a difference for my GRC which was won by PAP by the big margin.

When i learnt that overseas votes would not be counted on the same day and would only be counted in event of a close shave, I knew this is a thinly guised attempt by PAP to disregard the voices of close to 100k Singaporeans overseas.

Thoughts of a patriotic Singaporean residing overseas.

Anonymous said...


My heart was lifted when I knew WP won Hougang SMC and Aljunied GRC, but my heart sank when obnoxious ministers remain unpunished even when they made grave mistakes.

But I take comfort in knowing that among my circle of friends and ex-classmates, even doctors and former SPH journalists have expressed their support for the opposition.

Seeing that a lot of young people are no longer afraid to voice out their comments on FB and twitter, there is still hope for our future generation. We are no longer the politically apathetic Singaporean that PAP has ingrained in us.

Anonymous said...

Stop living in the past and look to the future.

For the alternative parties:
- Prepare for GE 2016, stop appearing only during the elections. i.e. do a Low TK or Chiam ST.
- Consider flying under one flag, why so many parties?
- Playing the "Frustrated with Govt" card can only carry an agenda so far, you must provide credible alternatives.

It's not that difficult once you set your mind on it.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at May 8, 2011 8:42 PM

"- Consider flying under one flag, why so many parties?"

This won't work, dude. Each party has its own culture and philosophies and appeal to different people.

Secondly, more people in one party raises the chance of one or more members introducing problems into the party. As the saying goes - one mountain cannot hide two tigers. Worse, if one of the members misbehaves and the PAP and the media seizes the opportunity to blow it up - as they always do, the party suffers irreparable damage to its image and reputation.

Slowly and steady does it.

fight on said...

Agree fully with Anonymous at 8:42pm. The opposition has to stay in front of the constituents and visible regularly. Stay credible. It is a long slow marathon to the next GE--not a last few months sprint. But we recognize that that is tough when you aren't given the mandate.

Anonymous_X said...

How much difference can 6 opposition MP-s can bring to Singapore? Will they just whine that they cannot deliver their promises or bring Change to Singapore because they're after all only Six compared to the Eighty-One?

I'm more interested to see how they will perform against this odd.

History has been made yesterday.
Hope it's for the better of All.

Anonymous said...

The whole election 2011 in Singapore is the biggest fraud.I am truly disappointed with the outcome.

Anonymous said...

I feel disappointed. I hope I still get to vote in 2016. Meantime, life goes on. SPoreans who voted for PAP have absolutely NO RIGHT TO COMPLAIN. you made your choice. so live with it. lets see if there will really be change or just talk and if costs will increase next, Just like in previous elections.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous_X said...May 8, 2011 9:38 PM

As much as the opposition candidates would like to do their part by contesting. The system resulted in only 6 of them being voted in even though their share of popular votes was about 40%.

Let's just say that an ancient opposing army of 82 were armed with spears and javelins and you were one of the six having to face them, assuming that you were also armed with similar weapons. Now would you wince.

You have to look at the whole matter in totality - e.g the system, the candidates & the voters themselves. Like any equation, if one variable is a dominant constraint, the other variables have to be worked extra to achieve a desired result.

Anonymous said...

Right, if there is no change, then it is the fault of stupid Singaporeans who voted for them again and again. They cannot see through the PAP's fake tears, fake apologies, fake humility fake talk of making changes from within.

They should never ever complain again.

Anonymous said...

I had written in to point that when MM said that "Aljunied is the only hot contest" that it was similar to neurolinguistic framing by which the attention and concerns of the readers/listeners are subliminally focussed.

A few assertive posts insisted that Aljunied is the contest.

I am sorry that I am proved right in this instance. Attention was diverted for qite a few from the other contested seats to Aljunied thereby encouraging voters that were undecided to cast their votes according to the norm - that is Vote the Incumbent.

Here is another warning: listeners ar\ne readers were thrilled to hear that the PAP would somehow do "soul serahcing" and "change" or to use George yeo's term "reform".

This is another loaded terms. We read into it all our desires, unconscious projections, subliminal hopes and expectations.

Well as the MM said over the news, the PM is in charge and he will make up his own mind.

Good Night and Heh heh.

Anonymous said...

Wang, you rejoice too fast.

More elected MPs (and NCMPs) for WP means more risks and exposure. With 1 and 2, it was less exposure and less risks of slipping up. Now the risks are magnified 3 times. The WP strict and disciplined selection process may be their advantage. But let's see the untested 3 out of 5 in the GRC team and Yeow. I hope they are good and take WP further for all of us.

Potong Pasir is not a lost. It is in fact a dilemma and deadly trap/test for Sitoh. The number of constituents of Potong Pasir is too low to be an SMC even for 2006 and 2011 elections. It will be drawn into a GRC or enlarged (unlikely as area is too large) to remain an SMC. The flats and infrastructure of Potong Pasir are too much a legacy for upgrading. An en-bloc would be cheaper and more rational. But the perception of an en-bloc after winning, is daunting and bad for Sitoh.

Next round, we probably will not see LKY in the elections. Age afterall is a very mortal thing. What will happen to Tanjong Pagar GRC? Who will be doing grassroots work to contest in it next, if it still exists?

Many many questions. Unfortunately, the media is too shallow to see them, or too afraid to comment about them.

If PM is serious, he should embark on media liberation now. He might as well, the internet will liberize the voters anyway.

Unknown said...

For democracy and meritocracy sake, all aspiring MP wannabes should contest on based on their own merit and not hitch their rides into parliament. If MBT accused WP of raiding national reserves when they gain nothing from it, how should we conclude about PAP bringing the likes of TPL into parliament? Can we condone a S$15K a month mistake? If this is not raiding our reserves, I do not know what is.

Gina said...

Yep. Lee Kuan Yew, annoyed the hell out of me. I was pretty neutral towards Aljunied PAP (They did nothing bad to the extent I detest them) until I read that "Aljunied voters shall regret & repent" article.
Seriously, PAP is overly arrogant.
Now they are the ones who shall regret not doing their best for Singaporeans over the past 5 years.
Now, we revive & rejoice! (Quote from: Chen Show Mao)

Anonymous said...

Hi Gilbert

Care to elaborate on "Nicole was great but honestly on a overall basis, her team was weaker than GCT's". I am not a MP voter.

BTW, is there any way if the public can find out how the voting trend is at the precinct levels or is such info only for the contestants/pol parties?

Anonymous said...

I think the media's emphasis on Aljunied is strategically pitched to distract voters from other constituencies. That much seems sure, especially when there are so many issues to consider. Then again, Singaporeans chose this outcome. There is really no means by which they can complain. There are only a few choices: 1. try to change things if you can; 2. leave the country in whatever way you can; 3. stay on and make the best out of whatever you are in. I think that the first is unlikely in our environment where there is a high degree of control for the most part. As for the latter 2, people have to take either one and learn to stop complaining about it, since it is already that way. I am fatalist about the state of politics in a way, mainly because of the system, but that said, we never know about things 10 years from now. By that time, most of us would have aged greatly and have to deal with a set of issues never thought of as young posters when in our 40' potential ageism and also fears about not having enough for retirement or possible layoffs from work.

Anonymous said...

The very first thing LSL can show that he really listen is too remove TPL because she broke the GE rule. If PAP do nothing about this, it means they are not ready to change. WP will win more in next GE.

SG Girl Next Door said...

Click on the link to find out how votes are considered unacceptable:

Anonymous said...

I am disappointed and angry at the results especially after what we went through in the 5 years after 2006. Is this the best we can do?

There is no hope left for this nation. Nothing will change after ge2011 or ge2016 or whatever. The son of a tyrant will remain a tyrant and the children of cowards will forever be cowards.

Why should we bother with a country where more than half of the electorate does not give a hoot about the sufferings of others? A country where the citizens can tolerate insult after insult on their dignity from the so called government.

How can you bring up children in a place with so many spineless selfish cowards running around?

It's over - abandon all hope ye who live here.

Anonymous said...

Words of wisdom

I am not actually a brave man. But I love Singapore and I love Singaporeans.

-Chiam See Tong


Doomsday Quote :

"How can you bring up children in a place with so many spineless selfish cowards running around?
It's over - abandon all hope ye who live here."



"Singapore needs 900,000 foreign workers on work permits (only)"


Living_on_borrowed_time said...

@Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

Many Singaporeans are still living in fear. They are afraid that there could be repercussions from voting for the opposition.

Paul @yawningbread
8 May 2011 at 23:47
They were short of polling agents though – At the polling station I went to,
there were three shifts of PAP polling agents, all local grassroots leaders
who came well equipped with lists of all the voters names, NRIC numbers,
addresses and voting serial numbers which they pointedly studied every time
the voters names were shouted out. These are available to all parties but
only the PAP had the resources to pay for them. Not sure about WP.

So much for secrecy.

Anonymous said...

Why is voting out Casino Yeo a bad thing?

Anonymous said...

Hi folks.So change is in the air huh.Well MM is reported in the ST today (9 May) that, "Past Struggles Forgotten By Young". Yah lor.Ah Laus and Past Singaporeans also forgotten by PAP Government. So welcome to the club MM.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous Posting of May 9, 2011 12:28 AM.

There is another response. Citizen's Networks are very powerful tools for democratic change. in Australia municipal lobby groups are very effective. In my Council we ask for a road to be diverted because of the dangers it pose to residents.

Through sensitizing the population to a rane of issues and alternatives these networks offers alternatives to government inspired and controlled systems.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to WP for a good GE showing! The next step is to aim for being a coalition party with the PAP in the next GE2016. And forming the gov in GE2021. Here's what I think they must immediately set in motion:
(1) Start to nurture the next WP leader, one who has the leadership qualities and most importanly, the charisma of LTK;
(2) Attract good grassroots support from Singaporeans;
(3) Convince good and capable people like Tan Jee Say, Vincent Wijeysingha to join the WP instead;
(4) Demonstrate its ability to run a GRC town council and take care of the people.
Once people start to see the WP as a long-term party with self-renewal and strong resources, they will not hesitate to support them in more GRCs and SMCs. It has been proven in Aljunied that if you have the talent and credibility, you will win!

Anonymous said...

"At the polling station I went to,
there were three shifts of PAP polling agents, all local grassroots leaders who came well equipped with lists of all the voters names, NRIC numbers,
addresses and voting serial numbers which they pointedly studied every time the voters names were shouted out. These are available to all parties but only the PAP had the resources to pay for them. Not sure about WP."

I did polling in 2006 and 2011. WP did not have the register as well in 2006. Not sure about now.

Polling agents crossing out the register do not serve much useful purpose. It is just to duplicate the work done by the electoral staff and an additional check by the contesting party in the rare case of voter turning up twice to vote - hence the crossing out of the voter's name. It is also not possible for the polling agent to hear each and every voter's name and details that is called out by the electoral staff. Not all PAP polling agents have the register. Even if they have the register, not all the queues in the station have a polling agent present.

This is unlike in the past where PAP has enough manpower to deploy a polling agent to every polling queue in the station either in 2 or 3 shifts for the day. While Opposition all along has only one polling agent for the entire polling station operating in 2 shifts.

This time round, for some shifts, PAP too only have one polling agent for the entire polling station. It is clear PAP has their manpower resources stretched due to so many constituencies being contested.

Anonymous said...

The result was unsatisfactory. We fall short of our objectives. However, we did achieve a tiny milestone and had awaken a momentum towards our final goal. It is not over yet, not by a long shot.

Quote from a not so brilliant but very passionate and determined prime minister:
"This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning."

Anonymous said...

Contrary to what many think, MM's strategy was to sacrifice GY and move TCH to FM giving up Defence. This effectively allows LHL to have much more control of the cabinet. Furthermore, GCT's winning margin has been severely affected by TPL, so he cannot claim that he has strong ground support. The Lee family has won big here

Anonymous said...

I get to know your blog during this election and I enjoy reading it.

When I looked at last GE and this GE, it just make me wonder if MM Lee is hinting LTK the next move. First he challenged LTK to fight in GRC, and he did. Now he challenge them to form shadow minister, to me this is hinting a path to that direction. Probably that is the reason why he add oil to the fire in Aljunied.

As I know, MM Lee is a person who likes to get in touch with the people. Maybe he sees PAP is heading in the wrong direction and try to steer it back by using the WP. Dun forget, MM Lee see LTK as a good Opp.

Anonymous said...

I'm not only disappointed but utterly devastated.

It has become crystal clear to me that there are still many selfish S'poreans amongst us. To be exact, 60% of our people.

Just 'cos hardship and job loss have not befallen on them or their love ones. These selfish people disregard about the rest and vote for the status quo, that PAP wins and with a two third majority.

In future, if I hear anyone complain about the state of affairs in S'pore. My first question to that person is whether he or she has voted for the PAP. If that person did. I'll then tell that person that he or she shouldn't complain and deserves the govt they voted for.

Anonymous said...

The MM's challenge to Low Thia Khiang to contest in a GRC means Low will have to vacate his Hougang seat. MM probably thinks such a move will give the PAP a better chance to take back Hougang, as they now did in Potong Pasir. It did not work.

MM probably underestimated the resolve of Hougang voters, thinking that they just support Low the MP and someone else would not command that kind of support.

Interestingly, here is an example of the kind of steadfast support voters in Hougang have for the WP from a conversation between Low and an elderly Hougang resident.

Low was hinting to this resident about his intention to move out of Hougang and contest in a GRC, and the agony of his leaving his stronghold and staunch supporters. It was a hint made well before nomination day, but not in very certain terms.

The elderly resident told him not to worry and just go ahead and that they can understand. They, the voters, will make sure Hougang stays in WP hands. It turned out exactly that way, with support more than what Low could have wished for.

Even MM has now admitted that trying to pry back a constituency once lost to the opposition is not easy.

Now, will Potong Pasir constituency remain SMC? The name brings back bad memories for the ruling party. What do you think will happen to Potong Pasir?

Anonymous said...

I could safely say, PAP level of support has diluted and we see opposition supports gone up. Based on this alone, it is a good sign that people wanted to be heard loud and clear.

The reason why PAP got 60% mandate (pretty low in history) was because at least 10 - 20% of voters wanted to give LHL a 2nd chance to show that he cares.

If PAP fail to deliever again, as we witnessed the huge crowded jamming out our MRT stations and high influx of foreigners in heartland. YOu guys can be assured, PAP will not only lose, but risked losing GRC like East Coast, Marine Parade, Tamines, Bishan, Potong Pasir, Bukit Timah. Tolerance has its limit all eyes and ears will be listening to what the ministers will say or do in parliament once it is opened.

The main stream media will also be cautioned not to write articles that is so pro-PAP to irked the readers. This time round, it is People-know-best AND NOT pap-know-best! Every mistake PAP made now, is a 1% point lower than its 60% votes. That is a warning from Singaporeans.

In future there will be no more walk-over ward for PAP now that oppositions have gained from strength to strength.

Anonymous said...

Potong Pasir was a opposition stronghold for many years. Sure, a lost filled many including me with devastation and disappointment. But, as we all advocate the spirit of democracy, we can only respect the votes casted.

However, I worry for my future in this country. I hope PM Lee keeps his words to change. I hope the ruling party plays fair and let the newly elected MPs of Aljunied have a chance to prove themselves. I hope Potong Pasir stays a SMC and not get drafted into a GRC in order to dilute opposition support.

There is so much to hope for and the future ahead is also full of uncertainty. For a young adult that recently joined the working class, I am already feeling the heat to have to accept lower pay to get a job but yet, service long and high loans for a flat without being choosy of the location.

Therefore, it is with my sincerest wish that WP can achieve something in this 5 years.

Anonymous said...

All the talk of the PAP losing in the next election if it does not change is very well but assumes that the PAP will NOT CHANGE the rules of the election process. The PAP is the dominant ideology in Singapore and sees it self not only as the dominant party but the ONLY party for Singapore by right, by history and perhaps by divine mandate (hence Lee Kuan Yew's sneer that do you really think the Worker's Party is there for Singaporeans?). So when such a body sees itself threatened it will do everything in its power to preserve its status. GRC is a uniquely Singapore MECHANISM to ensure that the PAP remains the ruling party.


In that sense, the PAP was caught by surprise this time by the depth and extent of the popular unhappiness. Thise who said, give them a chance may have unwittingly given them a chance to change the rules again.

Anonymous said...

perhaps an important outcome of this elections is that young singaporeans who wish to serve the country in the political realm will realise that PAP is not the only way in

Anonymous said...

Hope Woker's Party MPs can do something really differently in Aljunied GRC..

1) Can the Opposition MPs get rid of all the RCs in Aljunied GRC.

2)Close down all PAP-run kindergarden and NTUC-run kindergarden. Of course , Worker Party may run some of these child care and kindergarden OR better leave it to the private sectors, the only problem , I believe the rental will still be controlled by HDB...

Anonymous said...

Sitoh Yih Pin won the seat for Potong Pasir not because he was good, but because the enemy was worn out and did not have a good succession plan. That's the sad part.

Anonymous said...

In my own personal opinion ... the fall of Potong Pasir .. due to GenY lack in the knowledge of CST legacy.

The senior voters has always loves CST ... and has always keep this unique Singaporean fighter in power.

The GenY .. most are from the private estates of Potong Pasir ( bunch of spoil brats ) to be blame.


I am not actually a brave man. But I love Singapore and I love Singaporeans.

-Chiam See Tong

Anonymous said...

Somewhere, JBJ is smiling. Thank you, sir. He too stood, often alone, against the worst arrogance and heavy handedness of a different generation of PAP leaders than the ones that competed in this election. Thank you to every Opposition Candidate who stood to give the people of Singapore a GENUINE choice and a real meaningful alternative and above all to let eligible Singaporeans cast their vote in this tiny Republic of ours in the first islandwide election in my lifetime of 40 plus years. Keep fighting the good fight against political and social apathy, the worst sorry excesses of and excuses for blind capitalism, elitism of the rich and powerful, and the improper actions of LEGIONS of foreign "talent" who come here, sum us up, then head off to parts unknown with their fortunes in their pocket while we born-and-bred men and women serve National Service, and struggle to make ends meet and raise our dwindling families. When I voted in my constituency, I slotted in my ballot paper and turned to the election officer and said, "Majulah Singapura". I told him that because a civil servant much like him once told me, a student of history, that the "history of Singapore is the history of the PAP government". It IS NOT. The story of Singapore is the collective tale of Singapore and its people. PAP, Opposition, People, let's make the next five years give meaning to the dream of our anthem and the real potential of our young nation whose struggles of the present and the next 50 years (with all due respect to MM) are EVERY bit as valid as those of the past.

Anonymous said...

If the PAP does not bring down the total numbers of foreigners to 15% of Singaporean Population, PAP will have to REPENT in GE 2011.

1) Reduce the number of new citizenships with strict criteria. Let the Singaporean know the criteria. Do not go around and invite them to become citizen. Ideally , these people should be high net worth people living on landed property for a long period of time in Singapore.

2) Increase the criteria for Employment pass holder. They should be earning a much higher salary and not @ $2800 . If the Govt said thay are foreign talents , I don't see why they are earning less than the median income and still qualified for the Employment Pass.

3) Review the current PR renewal criteria as well. If they are not earning higher than the median income, send them HOME.

Anonymous said...

The nonsense STANDARD comment from PAP is that " we can stop the workers from coming here , but we cannot the companies from leaving Singapore"

It is totally rubbish ! The Govt is also asking the local companies to move the factories to neigbouring countries just to show that Singapore is hekping and investing in that countries.

Even in Govt Hosiptal , we can see many foreign doctors and nurses manning the A&E dept, Why ? If we stop these foreign doctors and nurses from coming here , is the GOVT going to shut down the hosiptal here and move elsewhere.

We do not like to see so many foreign doctors especially in the Govt Hosiptal where communication sometimes is really a big problem.

The GOvt should plan and train for sufficient LOCAL doctors and nurses. I wonder what the medical school and ITE train doctors and nurses respectively for .. ?

Anonymous said...

Correction !

The nonsense STANDARD comment from PAP is that " we can stop the workers from coming here , but we cannot STOP the companies from leaving Singapore"

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Wang

The people of Potong Pasir is to petition for a by-election.

Is that possible?

Anonymous said...

Quoted By Anon :
The nonsense STANDARD comment from PAP is that " we can stop the workers from coming here , but we cannot STOP the companies from leaving Singapore"


Then ... Please tell this to the idiotic Companies ... Corporations ... MNC's :

By all means ... At their own target, at their own timing : GET OUT OF SINGAPORE ! THOSE BLOOD SUCKERS IDIOTS ARE NOT WELCOME HERE !


Don't you guyzs get it ... With those idiots around .. Still we ( Native Born Singaporean ) can't even manage to put food on our table ... Please wake lah ... my beloved Native Born Singaporean brothers and sisters

Pls God ... save us native born Singaporean.

Anonymous said...

Normally, on my way back home, there lies a big lone signboard of a smiling Mr Chiam See Tong welcoming visitors to Potong Pasir.

However tonight is different. People from all walks of life were slowly gathering in front of the signboard, patiently queuing to take photographs with it.

There were at least 30+ of them. I guess, this is the sign of his popularity and respect from his Potong Pasir residents.

Anonymous said...

MM: Younger generation forgot where we came from

Oh look...the unrepentent old man rears his ugly head...once hiss and spite the 'young Singaporeans' no doubt.

How the frail and obsolete have failed to tame the young and eager.

Sad that he is not even aware his threats and taunts may have been the sole reason for poor George Yeo's loss.

Anonymous said...

Quoted by : Anom :

There were at least 30+ of them. I guess, this is the sign of his popularity and respect from his Potong Pasir residents.


I beg your pardon ... And I beg to differ :

Potong Pasir Residents ???? Most of Potong Pasir Residents were seen selling their ars*e @ Desker Rd ... They betrayed CST for the undelivered carrots and a pathetic Growth shares.

A bunch of Ungrateful Idiotics Faggots... now it seems very famous till it spread to the whole World.

What you saw was the whole world ... Saluting our Singapore Hero ... who has been betrayed by : Potong Pasir Residents ( The Modern Days Judas. )

Now residents of Potong Pasir : Take that 30 pieces of silver and hang yourselves idiotic faggot blokes.

Anonymous said...

"MM: Younger generation forgot where we came from"

No we did not. Maybe we did. Does it matter? No.

When Singaporeans first voted PAP 40 years back, we were not voting for where we came from. We were voting for where PAP will bring us.

When we voted on 7 May 2011, we were consistant. We were not voting where we came from. We were voting for where we want to go to, from here.

Anonymous said...

Please understand my Statement : I always salute and respect Potong Pasir Residents ... Even wish to be among them.

Once i stayed in my bro in law house there for a few months ... i found that everybody there knows each other. Everyone was so friendly. As if i am teleportal back to my 80's. But all that now is sure gone.

Potong Pasir Residents : Your town will be gone for good ... my prediction ... will be cut ... slices ... into GRC. You can now say bye bye to Potong Pasir.

Serve You Right Idiotics Faggots.

Now We Singaporean Salute : Hougang and Aljunied ... Our Singapore Hero :)

Yo ... GenY ... you idiots missed all the fun we had in the 80's ... such a pity ... You are so advance yet so pathetic in your life. We had all the fun ... We die a happy man. Poor pathetic you :)

Ozawa Saburo said...

Seriously, I doubt LHL and his team will u-turn much of their current policies. Their idea of sou-searching is more likely to focus on what they didn't do coming to the elections than what they should have done. These people have been living in their ivory tower for far too long to be able to accept that their vision could be wrong.

And since we have a number-crunching PM, a team of technocrats, and 4G candidates who share the herd mentality of the current PAP mps, nothing is going to change from them. Nothing, unless it is about making the playing field for 2016 even more unfair for the opposition.

My biggest concern is a more liberal immigration policy that would help dilute votes for the opposition. Will work great for the PAP, but we can kiss decades of nation building goodbye. And what makes you think new citizens, from China in particular, won't start their own pro-PAP, pro-immigration party once they've got enough numbers?

2016 will see a voters being mostly internet savvy and more politically aware. But it be too late by then?

Anonymous said...

Mr Wang, another empress to watch is Grace Fu who offended sporeans in insurance industry with her stupid remark. during the campaign, she also told struggling singaporeans in hdb not to spend their money on expensive weddings and take photos in paris! insult to all decent, hardworking singaporeans. if some singaporeans have gambling debts and spend money they dont have taking expensive wedding photos in bali, it is because of PAP culture of showcasing only their disgusting wealth in our faces. to grace fu, do you give away your $5000 a day salary or declare your wealth? when you say you have worked with blue collar workers, do you see them as blue collar workers or human beings? watch your out of this world paris arrogance.

Anonymous said...

The fall of Potong Pasir was unfortunate. At the same time, I believed those people there went through so much emotional dilema over the past years. This election for Aljunied, it was the same.
Residents were torn between selfish self preservation desires (everyone has them, please do not fault anyone or call them faggots...) and the desire to have an alternative voice in Parliment. It was a tough decision for those voting in Aljunied.

People in other parts of Singapore, i am pretty sure, wished that WP would be voted in. But, looking from afar is definitely different from being in those shoes. Residents of Potong Pasir gave up, some still held on, but surely, many were tired for shouldering the burden to put an alternative voice into Parliment.

I believe voting speaks for the community. The situation in PP showed how torn the residents there were (equal split). But, irregardless of the fall of PP (sadly i feel the area would be lose and in added into one forgettable GRC), the tide has changed in Singapore.

People are now speaking up and many have dared to come forward. Sure, there are many Singaporeans still single mindedly believe in the PAP. They are the ones that enjoy the current system. However, what everyone needs to do is to open their eyes and see those less fortunate than us. they are left behind by the system we have in place. people who are aware of this bunch and feel for them, are mainly the ones hoping for change and hoping for opposition to do something about the elitist nature of the incumbents.

I hope that we can stop name callings, but instead focus on trying to get all Singaporeans to be informed and therefore, we can hope for change in 2016.

Anonymous said...

Vivian Bala has spoken. Policies are all right. It was just communications. Death knell.....We've been had....

Anonymous said...

A simple poem to express my after thoughts of the GE:
Ever wonder
or stop to ponder
what's the blunder
that made them stumble
could their pie be bit humbler
Or ambition mighty lower
five years later
hope they be none the wiser
else their header
be sent to the worker
on a silver platter

Amused-Not! said...

From the comments section over in Lucky's blog is a pre-election poll conducted between May 3-5.

If polling is illegal in the election, the government must prosecute whoever engages in this activity. Otherwise, the party with such information has an unfair edge over the other parties.

Anonymous said...

The PAP may be caught in a contradiction and trap of its own making as far as the issue of new citizens is concerned. It is a fcat that many voted for the PAP out of a sense of loyalty for real or imagined gratitude and respect. New citizens do not have connection. Also new citizens tend to be more likely to pursue their rights and rewards (this remember is not Australia or the USA where new citizens are reminded that they are priviledged to be in their new countries. Here new citizens are told that the country OWES them a living). So, at the slightest sense of dissatisfaction they will vote against the PAP. Wherein loyalty?

If the PAP thinks that it can depend upon these new recruits they have anothr thing coming!

Anonymous said...

Mr Wang, with all respect, I understand why all the hoo-ha in the news about Geroge Yeo losing and stepping out.

But what about Chiam? He slogged against the odds for longer than George (with due respect), and has truely been a Singapore hero. He should NOT be forgotten and written off by the media just becuase George lost a GRC.

It is just NOT fair.

Anonymous said...

Re:May 10, 2011 5:41 PM

I can't agree more. Now buckets of tears over George Yeo. Partly it's a trick to make everyone feel bad for not voting in George. Not that George is doing it but the PAP handlers are.

That's sad. Often we all don't realize that the PAP is jerking us around. They do it over so many things that it has become an ingrained habit.

Also, the PAP arrogance and contempt are obvious here. Chiam is a nobody because he is not a minister.

But to many like me Chiam is a hero who dare fight against odds. It's a shame that the PAP cannot find it within themselves to acknowledge this.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Wang ... 1st of all i would like to thank you ... truly i enjoyed your blog ... thank you so much Mr Wang :)


I deeply aplogised for my names calling postings againts some disapointing blokes ... but what to do ... can't help it .. i'm born this way :)


Just watched some video clips about disgruntled residents of Potong Pasir. Now my question is ... Why cry over spilt milk? ... They bite the hand that feed them ... Betrayed one of our "Hero Highly Respectable Fighter of Singapore". They ask for it. They should have known better then to trust the Incumbent Evil Insurance Man over some undelivered carrots and pathetic growth share.


P.S ... I deeply apologised for using these u/m malay words :

Potong Pasir Residents : "Lu sudah kena POTONG lah sotong sampai jadi PASIR"


Anonymous said...

A Tribute To Mr Chiam See Tong

( Please Watch This Touching Video )

I am not actually a brave man. But I love Singapore and I love Singaporeans.

-Chiam See Tong

Anonymous said...

Yes, I wonder if PAP actually used funds from their OWN coffers for the GE. I mean for all we know they could have gotten those money from elsewhere. And if they did use their own monies, where did they get that from also? The general public should wake up and start questioning. Don't just sit there and pretend nothing happened. Also don't have that "It's not my problem, just don't bother with it" attitude. Someday it'll come back to you.