Apr 24, 2011

Lui Tuck Yew Shocks a Citizen During His Walkabout

I saw this on my Facebook. The story seems to be getting a lot of attention in cyberspace. It's all about a Moulmein resident's unpleasant encounter with PAP candidate Lui Tuck Yew.

Dear Friends

I am forwarding you an email I sent to the incumbent MP for Moulmein, Mr Lui Tuck Yew, and his subsequent reply. (They are reversed in order below). I have only deleted my name/addresses and Mr Lui's address for the sake of privacy in the event that you may wish to forward this to your own friends. I trust you will not use this email to "flame" (hope I used the term correctly), but instead to educate and perhaps generate informed discussion.

I am sending my friends this because I feel that it is important that you hear what happened to me personally, and how Mr Lui reacted to me during what I thought was a simple, agreeable conversation. Those of you who know me well know that I do not go around deliberately antagonising people or creating trouble of any kind. So the flow of the conversation that took place left me shocked, and I must admit, sad. Mr Lui explains his "disengagement" in his reply attached below. I will leave you to read the whole story and the two emails and then come to your own conclusions.

First, the background to this whole incident.

I have been a resident of Moulmein my whole life, and not once have I ever had the chance or privilege to vote. So you can imagine how excited I was when I realised that there may be a strong possibility that Moulmein would be contested this time round. Prior to Mr Lui being the walkover MP, our MP was Mr Khaw Boon Wan. If Mr Khaw had still been our MP, I would most likely have voted for him as Mr Khaw had made his presence felt strongly in Moulmein, even at a social level, and it had always been a very reassuring presence. Mr Lui, on the other hand, has not had much of a presence.

So, on a recent walkabout in Moulmein, I happened to have what I thought at the time, was the privilege, to meet Mr Lui and get to know him better. He started off very friendly and handed me the Moulmein newsletter. He asked how long I'd been living here, and I let him know that I have been in Moulmein my whole life, and that this was the first time I may get a chance to vote. His immediate reaction was, "Yes, blame the Opposition! I don't know what they ..." and he went on to say something more which I couldn't hear because my brain was trying to process the fact that he had actually openly said, "Blame the Opposition" in a serious tone, laced with annoyance. He might have sensed my confusion (I'm guessing here). I then changed topic and pointed out to him that I had felt Mr Khaw's presence much more than his, and I requested for him to let me hear some of what he had done for Moulmein.

He told me to refer to the newsletter. I then said that I really wanted to hear from him, and not read what other people (ie his grassroots team) had created. He immediately started listing all the playgrounds they had done up (there was always the word "We") and spoke about a unique-to-Moulmein schools programme, which I liked very much. I interrupted him a few times to clarify a few things he had said.

I next asked him to let me know why I should vote for him. (I'm serious about voting, and I have thought this through so carefully. I told myself that no matter what, it was my duty to try and understand each candidate and approach them one-to-one before I cast my vote. And it was, and still is, my resolve to ask each candidate this question - why I should vote for them.)

I'm now going to recount the dialogue word-for-word as it is still clearly playing itself over and over in my head:
Me: Could you please tell me why I should vote for you?
Mr Lui: You should NOT vote for the Opposition because they ...
Me: The Opposition? No, I want to know about you. Please tell me why I should vote for you.
Mr Lui: You should vote for the PAP because we ....
Me: The PAP? No, no. I'm not interested in the PAP or the Opposition. I'm interested to know about you. Why should I vote for you?

At this point, Mr Lui shot me a look of pure anger, waved his hand about in the air, declaring, "We could spend all night talking about me!", pointed to the newsletter and snapped, "It's all in the the newsletter!" He then swung round and stormed off.

I remember standing there, in total shock, wondering what on earth I had done wrong to deserve such an intense reaction. I watched as he couldn't get beyond two or three steps as he was stopped by someone else wanting to meet him. I watched as he switched on his smile, said a few polite words, thrust the newsletter into her hand and disappeared, still angered. (Those who know me well, know I did my MA in nonverbal language, and know how accurate I am with "vibes".) I watched as his posse scurried after him, not one of them daring and/or caring to turn to look at me or say goodbye, not one of them.

I had asked a simple question. I was not expecting rocket science for an answer or any deep psychological profile to be shared. Just a simple answer from the heart would have sufficed, or even a more measured response. But not anger, never in a million years would I have thought anyone would have, or could have, responded to my simple question with anger.

And I feel sad.

Sad that after all these years, what people have been saying has finally been proven true to my face, literally.

I then turned to the Moulmein newsletter, ploughed through it in the hope that perhaps there was a lot about Mr Lui in the newsletter. No, there wasn't. Not a thing. Instead, I was left very impressed with the Moulmein Citizens Consultative Committee, the various Neighbourhood Committees and the Residents' Committees - all of which I am sure will not disappear if there is a change in leadership.

So I sat down, and penned an email, which I have since sent, to Mr Lui. I chose to be polite and measured in the email, and not angry nor accusatory because to be angry would have been to stoop to Mr Lui's response towards me, and that would not do anyone any good. If he's going to continue as Minister (and it does look like he's on the PAP fast-track if he's voted back in), then really, he needs to hear, he needs to understand, he needs to be educated. And he needs to learn how to answer simple, non-threatening questions!

It's such an irony that prior to the dissolution of Parliament, he was the Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts.

You'll find the email below, and Mr Lui's response (in reverse order), which I just received a short while ago.

If you should choose to share my experience with any of your friends who need or would wish to read this, I request that you not include my email address and name.

Love and hugs everyone.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Tuck Yew LUI (MICA)
Date: 22 April 2011 16:53
Subject: Re: Moulmein Walkabout

Dear - ,

i am sure this may not apply to you given that you have now taken the trouble to write this note but unfortunately I encounter some people whose minds are made up and whose main intent seem to be to slow us down in our outreach. And nothing, we say, no explanation we give whether to do with cost of living, etc will ever be good enough.
The pragmatic way to deal with this is simply to disengage at an opportune moment.
Dont worry, it didnt leave a sour note with me nor a poor impression of you.


Lui Tuck Yew

Sent from my iPad

On Apr 21, 2011, at 10:18 PM, "-" wrote:

> Dear Mr Lui,
> We met briefly at the walkabout at xxxxxxxxxx last evening. Unfortunately, I seem to have upset and angered you which was not my intention at all.
> If I appeared rude or aggressive in any way, then I apologise. I don't usually take too well to answers that are off-tangent, they tend to confuse me, and I always re-direct answers back to my original question which often means that I can appear too direct or clinical and therefore somewhat aggressive. As a teacher by training, I have always emphasised the importance and merits of listening carefully and answering to the point questions that are addressed to my students.
> I hope you understand that this is the first time in my life as a Singaporean I may be asked to vote. I take that responsibility very, VERY seriously, weighing all factors involved. Each political party has its own aims and objectives and track record (or none where some of the opposition are concerned) all of which I am very well aware of. The ONE thing which is not clear, and which is difficult to determine, is the individual politician - the person who will represent me in my constituency. It is this individual politician that I am genuinely interested to know. I need to know and understand what this individual can bring to the table.
> That is why I was so keen for you to convince me why I should vote for you. Not why I should not vote for the opposition. Not why I should vote PAP. But why I should vote for you. I was genuinely interested to hear your answers. Instead, not only did I not get direct a reply from you, I caused you to turn away in anger. Maybe it was the end of a very long day for you, maybe my tone and questions threw you off-centre. Either way, it left a sour note behind, I believe, for both of us.
> Right after you left, I immediately sat down to read the Moulmein newsletter cover to cover (the bits in English) exactly as you suggested I should do to find out more about you. Unfortunately, it doesn't shed any light on your as an individual or as the leader of Moulmein. It tells me instead about the wonderful grassroots teams and wonderful committees that have come up with truly great ideas, which I like very much. But it doesn't tell me about you. And so I am still left clueless.
> The questions I asked you will be the same questions I will be asking whoever decides (if at all) to stand against you in the elections. If the opposition candidate is equally stumped and/or angered by me, then you can rest assured that I will be forced to find another way to come to a decision well-thought through.
> Before I end, I would like to stress that I am not against the PAP in any way, nor am I for any particular opposition party. I am merely a Singaporean, proud and excited at the thought of a chance at finally being able to exercise my right to vote.
> With Regards
> -

I couldn't help feeling surprised by Lui's email reply to the Moulmein resident. Specifically the part where Lui wrote: "Don't worry, [the incident] didn't leave a sour note with me nor a poor impression of you."

In my opinion, it is Lui's own behavior which would leave a sour note with voters, and a poor impression on them. Singaporeans don't owe you a living, Mr Lui.


Anonymous said...

this is so reflective, of the high handedness of this party. goodness. i would have replied to remind him that he had once again, failed to answer the question.

Anonymous said...

Think Liu *uck Yew forgot about the master n servant stuff that his boss mentioned just couple of days ago. It was no walkabout, more like a warlord picking some peasants to execute.

Anonymous said...

Remember Kenneth Lin?


Anonymous said...

Arrogant passenger on the PAP train.

Anonymous said...

He thinks he is still the rear-admirer in the navy, where his word is non questionable.

I am sure he is not the only one of his kind inside the PAP. The party is becoming too elitist and clearly intolerant of lesser mortals.

Well, for a minister to tell his own PAP colleagues to just ignore 'noises' made by Singaporeans, this just reinforce my zero respect for that backdoor man.

Anonymous said...

He is really a dud.

Fact that he thinks the writer is only worried about leaving a sour impression with him shows he is really out of touch.

I would have apologize for my abrupt behaviour if I were him.

These people really think they are gods.

Anonymous said...

Actually, to be fair, if it were an ordinary Joe instead of Lui Tuck Yew, the reaction of Lui is understandable and to be expected.

But Lui is no ordinary Joe. He is a PAP million dollar minister and therefore must have been of a certain calibre.

Hence I give him a big F for the way he react, whether in the meeting or through his email. Definitely his EQ is not that up to par, relative to his position.

But anyway, does it really matter? I think Lui will still win his seat.

And he may be just a part of a bigger issue of the PAP on this aspect.

Anonymous said...

"These people really think they are gods"

The change must be miraculous. Just days ago they were chanting - we are servants! we are servants!

Tells you how much you can trust their words.

Anonymous said...

Something new I learn today about outreach, by Mr Lui's definition. It's not about outreaching to potential fence sitters and alternative party voters, in hope of convincing them to swing their votes but, just outreaching to their ardent supporters. What's the point?

Anonymous said...

Dear sir, your experience with LTY may be shocking to you but truth be told the majority of the administrative

service elitist, those who have gotten some scholarship of one type or another, behaves in like manner and they are

encouraged as they are not discouraged in any way.

Here is one and worst of all their children takes after their snobbish attitudes, "...caustic verbiage from the

daughter of MP Wee Siew Kim (Ang Mo Kio GRC): "please, get out of my elite uncaring face." Link


In another situation, a so called govt scholar involved in voluntary work shows off his snobbish attitudes disguised

as intelligence by being condescending towards others who are not like scholars in the group. This is the snobbish

trademarks of govt scholars who are in the govt administrative service. The so called elitist.

These same elitist do not listen to you because they tell you in so many ways that they KNOW BETTER. Is it any wonder

why they behave like that when the ruling party culture is exactly like that?

For sure if others step forward to share their experiences, you will find that the way LTY behaved is not a stand

alone, individualistic behavior but a CULTURE this govt has created.

It is unfortunate that many others who have had such first hand experiences will not be able to share simply because

they are not internet savvy. However make no mistake, these are the people who calls themselves SERVANTS or serving

their people but LORDS over you in every way imaginable. Of course they think they are being subtle.

Well when one is not happy with the performance of their servants, they have the option to change and this we need to do.

Anonymous said...

The PAP seems to be at sixes and sevens this time, with candidates contradicting each other, even at the very top.

That's a good sign (for us).

And a further sign of their desperation is trying to blame the opposition for contesting.

Really shows the real quality of the man facing up to obstacles. Too easy path earlier on, too highly paid and cushy job and they take their positions as a given.

Give him a good fight! Let him sweat it out campaigning and cut him down to size.

Anonymous said...

Why do we need 'scholars' to be our MPs? We have tonnes of them in the civil service doing all of the heavy lifting for the policy making and implementation. The bureaucracy will still continue to function even with the opposition in power, wouldn't it? That is why in many first world countries, top civil servants get paid higher than the PM or President.

Ultimately, MPs job is to represent the views of their constituents. It isn't their job to create policy which may not be agreeable to their constituents on the basis that 'they know better'. If an MP can communicate effectively in parliament what his/her constituents want, does it matter if he/her comes from Oxford or is a scholar? Why can the warehouse assistant be a good MP if he will fight hard form is people in parliament? The people are not asking for their MPs to think for them, that is the job of the civil servants. What the people want is an MP who will do what he is told by his voters, and not be condescendant or dismissive.

Anonymous said...

Outreach to swing the votes? A waste of time!

For those constituencies that they won earlier, why bother when the majority are already voting for the PAP. Try to swing more over? Good luck!

For Hougang and Potong Pasir voters that they sidelined and fixed for two decades, those are now die hard opposition voters. Don't bother trying to swing them.

Some of those PAP supporters in earlier elections here, in these two constituencies, may even turn to opposition, angered by the PAP pulling out their kindergartens and left them in the lurch when they lost in 2006.

Anonymous said...

This is the same guy whose ministry made our telco companies fight over Worldcup and EPL broadcast license, and end up paying alot more to foreigners and Singaporeans being left to foot the high price!! Another of PAP "talent" and million $ paid minister, who came up with policies which screw the Singaporeans!

Anonymous said...

Wah lao, who is voting for who? Why would a voter care what Lui thinks of him, wouldn't it be the other way round?

That is what PAP is saying about voting for the one with the proven track record. How many PAP MPs have experience running for election? Compare with many of the opposition who have slogged hard over the past campaigning for election.

So many of the PAP ministers have as much political experience as an opposition has in forming the government

Anonymous said...

If my servant said to me what Lui said to his voter, I would sack him right away!

If I were the citizen, I would write back to him: "Lui, you are the servant of your voters, know your place!" (But then i'd probably get ISD at my doorstep within 30 min)..

Anonymous said...

are you all seriously doing this? 'why do I need to vote for you?', it's the PAP, you know everything you need to know.

Changes are made to benefit the public and we are gaining from it every single day, things wouldn't get done if they have to answer the questions of EVERY individual.

So open up your thinking.

Anonymous said...

I'm really surprised that Lui could not answer such a simple question,

"Why should I vote for you?" is, like, the most utterly obvious question to ask in an election, whether it's an election for President, or MP, or a Primary 6 class chairman.

The fact that Lui did not have a ready, off-the-cuff, honest and frank answer to such a simple question really makes me wonder. Why does he have such great difficulty finding a few good things to say about himself? Why did he have to react with anger? What are his genuine motivations? Are they really something so un-mentionable?

Anonymous said...

"Changes are made to benefit the public..."

Really? Tell that to the opposition wards.

"Things wouldn't get done if they have to answer the questions of EVERY individual"

Wow, so I see why losses by the billions do not have to be accounted for.

And getting more opposition MPs into Parliament also means more questions and having to spend more time fixing them, so let's have a dictatorship. I am serious.

Who will second that?

Anonymous said...

When u earn tens of thousands of dollars per month, hold directorships at various big companies, get invited as
Guest of honor or VIP at various events, live in a private estate with guards at ur gate, u tend to get used to it.

Then during elections even with all the RC's careful planning & careful shepherding of their Precious "VIP", coupled with our scorching hot weather, & u are supposed to convince voters like a door to door salesman - no commission some more, so tempers usually get short... can't blame LTY..

Especially when all these wayangs are precisely that: for show only... It's all about self interest & not self sacrifice or service to ur people.. that's why so easy get upset.

High basic pay, no commission, hot weather then have to listen to uncle auntie talk cock... Sure no motivation.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 3.17

Unless you are part of the decision making process, how do you know for sure?

How is changing electoral boundaries a change the public is benefitting from?

Where are the checks and balances in government?

Anonymous said...

I've worked for a number of "tough" bosses in my career.

When things go wrong, they ask;
a)What's the problem?
b)What's your solution?
c)What are you going to do about it?

PAP folks are a different kettle of fish altogether.

When things go wrong, they usually say;
a)This is THE solution
b)What is your problem?

The non-verbal message being;
"I've made up my mind. Stop slowing me down with facts."

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Wang
You asked a simple, pertinent question as a responsible voter:
"Why should I vote for you?"

Based upon your description of the events, I think you got your answer.

Enough said.

Anonymous said...

This is what politics has become: the politics of contempt. Politicians feel contempt for the suckers who continue to vote for them despite being stepped upon constantly.

Anonymous said...

Let's leave aside the fact that Mr Liu is arrogant, condescending and dismissive. For the salary that he is being paid one expects him at the very least (I repeat: at the very least) to be steet smart, able to respond and think on his feet and be generally with it when asked a question. As they say, Duh, what is the government made up of? He would have failed my class at UWA . I AM BEING ARROGANT.


I have, on a few occasions, watched Mr Lui in action as guest-of-honour at the Broadcast Asia exhibition. I was always struck at how he would (pretend to) listen intently at someone making a presentation to him and, at an opportune moment, he would say "Okay" and move on. There seemed no true engagement, no true interest in what the other person was saying. Just going through the motion.

Anonymous said...

Maybe for PAP ministers and potential ministers they can afford not to be concerned with what you folks think about them.


#1 With GRCs, their victory at elections is more or less assured.

#2 Their minister appointment depends on what PM Lee thinks of them, not what you folks think.

So really, why would they want to care about what you think of them?

YCK said...

We will probably never really know if he is really apathetic toward citizens or the incident was an isolated one. He might be having a bad day and might have misread the tone of the email before he sent it.

But what really irks me is that the GRC system seems designed to shield any flaw, real or percieved, of a candidate fielded by the incumbent party in government from having direct causal relation with the election result.

Is it all right for a candidate to face no apparent risk of failure even if he were truly incapable? Should there be no persoanl resposibility for one's success or failure. For both, I think not.

Incidentally, why are there so many Anonymous postings? Should one fear if one does not make groundless remarks? Talk about taking personal resposibilty. Maybe we should be tolerant of the system. Afterall the gernaral population seems to behave just like the cream of the crop.

Anonymous said...

As a one-star general in the navy, he can order his subordinates to do things at his command.
This is an order, go and do the things you are told, no question to be asked.

Anonymous said...

I can understand why Liu Tuck Yew find the question tough to answer. He has not contributed much in his own capacity except to ride on PAP logo to draw his million dollar pay cheques. I believed most of the jobs and hard works were done by his subordinates and he merely took credit for it. Living under the luxury of not working and being highly paid will lead one to be easily agitated if anything goes against his will, including posing him a simple question resulted in him feeling insulted of his lordly status. To bring all these elitist attitude to earth, Singaporeans unity is the key.

Sg said...

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Anonymous said...

/// Anonymous said...
He thinks he is still the rear-admirer in the navy, where his word is non questionable.
April 24, 2011 1:41 PM ///

Ha, ha, ha - this I like - rear admirer. Reminds me of this punny saying: The vice of the Vice Admiral is the rear of the Rear Admiral.

Amused said...

With his arrogant and condescending attitude, LTY will never win an election in any First World democracy. Is Singapore so UNIQUE? We shall find out soon.

Vote wisely.

Anonymous said...

I will surely vote wisely, otherwise I will have to wait 5 years and I may not even get another chance as my GRC may be walkover again next time

Anonymous said...

He still hasn't answered the question! I thought responding via email would have given him plenty of time to justify why people should vote for him??!!

Is this blatant disrespect or intentional avoidance cos he has no concrete plans of his own to share? He just happened to do his walkaround without anticipating questions?

Anonymous said...

"He still hasn't answered the question! I thought responding via email would have given him plenty of time to justify why people should vote for him??!!"
Anon April 25, 2011 1:40 AM

Why should he? If I were him, I wouldn't even bothered to reply at all.

You say lah, can Lui Tuck Yew lose his seat in coming election?

Anonymous said...

I have no evidence that this is factual.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah. And if it was a post about how sweet and kind Lui is, you wouldn't be saying "I have no evidence that this is factual."

Anonymous said...

Shin Min had an article on the work that Mr Lui has been doing in his ward over the past 5 years. Considering those people are qualified journalist, and the author of the online posting(on a blog that clearly supports the opposition, as pointed) has chosen to remain anonymous, I think the voters can decide for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Remember folks...

These PAP ministers and the civil service are paid with blood, sweat and sacrifice monies from the public. Public funds are use to pay and upkeep their livelihoods.

And yet they think they are "better".

Better at being parasites and bottom eating scums of the earth.

Anonymous said...

I am a child of former grassroots leaders and have interacted with various top civil servants and politicians in my personal and professional life. My thoughts are that Mr Lui's behaviour may just be indicative of an entrenched mindset within the PAP/senior Singapore civil servants, ie who are we to question them? We must be respectful and grateful to them.

Many years ago, when I was a high flying graduate student in a famous US university with a track record of having worked under a foremost banker who was a longterm adviser to the government, I was invited to meet with a certain heavyweight minister together with my fellow Singaporeans schoolmates.

A Singaporean schoolmate (who was also on a scholarship from the Singapore Government and had worked in director level appointments in a key Singaporean organisation) was in charge of gathering the other Singaporeans. I noted that she had left out a couple of Singaporeans from a less prestigious faculty and urged her to invite them as well out of a naive sense of being Singaporean. I asked her exactly twice and upon the 2nd time, she snapped at me and said that "if they should come, they would have been invited".

After that, I kept my mouth shut and just attended the lunch when the minister's men asked whether I would be interested in coming back to help to develop the certain area of banking for which my ex-boss was famous for. I demurred for various reasons. At this point, a PRC scholar who had benefited from the Singapore government's generous undergraduate scholarship being moving to the US asked why PRs like him could not buy new flats directly from the HDB. I piped up and said that if Singaporean singles couldn't buy flats at all, he surely should not expect additional privileges. I said it in a mild manner with a smile ...

Oops, maybe I was offensive, but the Singapore government scholar who invited me to meet with the Minister would not ever speak to me again. People said that she is a nice girl, and I have tried my best to get to know her even though I had initial reservations because we had previously been in adversarial roles in our professional lives before graduate school, and now this?

Perhaps I stepped on toes, but then my sister had another story to tell ...

My sister had graduated with first class honours in NUS and gone on to do post graduate work in Europe on a private scholarship.

Like me, she was also invited, together with other promising students, to meet with another heavyweight Singaporean politician while in Europe.

She tried to get an invite for her Singaporean classmates who were not scholars. However, she was told by the organisers that these non-scholar Singaporeans are not really welcome at the gathering. And as for herself, she turned up on their invite but left feeling snubbed for not being a government scholar as they sought to exclude her from various parts of the socialising, remember that she is ONLY a first class honours graduate from NUS on a combined scholarship awarded by a private European firm and a top European university.

No matter how you look at it, there seems to be something not quite right in both instances.

Anonymous said...

The person is actually not anonymous. He circulated his post via email and Facebook to his friends, where the story is spreading widely. His full name etc is available on Facebook.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:39,

Lui has publicly admitted that he has a habit of visiting blogs and forums anonymously, and also posting comments anonymously. By any chance, would you happen to be Lui? Haahaahaaaa.

Anonymous said...

But majority of voters are not scholars, high flyers, top earners, rich or the elite!

Most probably they are just ordinary Joes and Janes. Let's called them "peasants" for short.

And how come the PAP can still win majority votes, not 50%, not 55% but at least 60%, again and again if they are that elitist and talking down to "peasants"?

And how come the opposition, and most of whom are peasants, don't get elected?

And why didn't the peasants vote their own kind in?

Anonymous said...

"However, she was told by the organisers that these non-scholar Singaporeans are not really welcome at the gathering."
Anon April 25, 2011 12:00 PM

This is understandable lah. The organisers have limited time and resources so in order to optimise it, they must only choose the best to attend gathering lah!

Just like if you go for buffet, you have only limited time and stomach space.

Therefore you stuff yourself with only the best and quality stuff lah, right or not?

So what is not quite right about it, you say lah?

Anonymous said...

If LTY is not interested even in answering the citizen on the street then how can we trust him to represent us on more important issues?

Mayb he's earned enough...

Anonymous said...

Because we choose the best scholars from the best overseas universities, does not necessarily mean these people are always invariably the best choice, when it comes to governing a country.

Bill Gates may not academically be the best, and logically cannot beat the best from MIT or other prestigious universities, but he beat everyone in his field. How many of those top brains from those prestigious universities were able to accomplish what he accomplished?

By equating the best as merely excelling in scholastic abilities is a very narrow guide to a person's ability in other aspect of human endeavour.

What about compassion, devotion, ability to understand the varying structure of human society, social and moral responsibility, that are a large part of being a politician?

By following a set pattern, we are in effect cloning the whole establishment to think in one straight line. No wonder we are seeing a perceptive decline, however much we choose to deny.

Anonymous said...

It's true of Bill Gates lah, but how many are of his type of background and also succeed like him? His is the exception rather than the rule.

So why waste time when the chances are so low of them succeeding?

Therefore as a whole, you need to focus on those scholars and elite who had succeeded young and will most likely have much higher chances of successes later in life too.

If not ah, you will be dealing with too many ordinary folks and not only will you be overwhelmed by the numbers but also not getting good outcome.

Definitely not a right strategy, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I am sure MM Lee would love your argument that surely also reinforces his argument that only graduate parents can produce bright kids.

Needless to say, is this the reason why they are harping and making a big issue of the fact that they cannot find enough good people to come forward to serve?

With this kind of mentality, it does not surprise me that we have this problem of lack of talents in the first place. It looks more like a problem created on purpose to fulfil an objective at the ballot box. Unfortunately it looks like the opposition has now found a way to attract good people as well, some as talented as the PAP elites. It is no more a monopoly, controlled by the PAP.

Kelvin_Alpha said...

Actually, I had joined Mr Lui on a no. of house visits and was with him last week. I post this because I read with astonishment that claims made by one of the residents he visted when his remarks were taken out of context and exaggerated. For example, on the "Blame the opposition", he was responding to a qns on why there is always a walkover.. His typical response has always been that one can only get to vote if the opposition puts up a team. Hence, if you dont get to vote, you have to blame the opposition.

The resident alleged that he was rude and told her abruptly to "Read the newsletter" in reply to her qns. This was after Mr Lui had mentioned some of what was done in the private & public estates and he told her to read the newsletter to get a better idea of how he contributed to Moulmein.

Anonymous said...

I don't think he thought it was rude. Mr Lui is like that.

I have seen him work in government committees. He usually has this impatient demeaner about him.

He gave me the impression we are not worth his time.

So, I would think it is his nature to be like that.

Anonymous said...

That is a problem. You don't get to vote, blame the opposition.

You seriously don't think there is fundamentally something amiss there?

In the least, it is a simpleton's analysis of a situation. Not befitting of a rear admiral. No warships in front means no war. Never mind the planes are up there or the enemy is behind your rear.

Or no money to buy food means you are lazy, no spurs stuck in your hide. LOL, same graduate from the LKY school of policy.

Anonymous said...

Many people have a tendency to twist the mew media to suit their purpose. Many go around deleting comments that are not anti PAP, or even the neutral observations. Therefore, might I direct everyone to Mr Lui's fan page on facebook, some thing that he will see and take note of.

Kaffein said...

The resident asked a simple question - why should I vote for you. Minister Lui is a scholar and should be smart enough to give an honest answer.

Saying PAP has done this and that is so... EQ-less for lack of a better word. Even telling her "I am the best man for the job" and offering assurance can win voters. If a voter cannot get an assuring answer but felt snubbed, then it is indeed a serious concern.

I think a lot of pappies ought to see how Nicole Seah conduct herself. She is outstanding. I am surprised because she is still so young at 24! Honest, forthcoming with no pride and arrogance. She stands with her views, does not hide behind policies, or dish out smear campaigns about PAP weaknesses, or belittle others to make NSP look good. It is as real as it gets. Or perhaps what she wants us to perceive of her. Whatever her objective, she simply got the message across.

Now look at Mr Chan Chun Sing's demeanor - full of arrogance as if we citizens are daft and looked down upon. Could not Minister Lui be of the same attitude having come from the military?

So I would lend credibility to this writer and her personal experience with her MP. If he loses his seat, you bet we'll see a different LTY - he' be all smiley and nice for the next election.


Anonymous said...

While he was Navy chief, one of the ships sank and all he could do was show his crying face.

He is under stress this time because he is no more under the coattail of LKY.

More so he is eyeing the million dollar salary for another term. After that he will be more arrogant.

Kaffein said...

Hmmm minister Lui's Facebook has comments disabled. Too scared?

Raelynn said...

dear Kaffein,

i too was a little put off by Chan Chun Sing's introductory speech, by chance that I was listening and watching to the malay version. my grasp of behasa melayu is atrocious hence i was passing judgement based on his tone, attitude and sincerity that he presented to the media. .. i was not impressed. i did not see the humbleness from a person who is from a humble background yet is considered a singaporean success story.

but i have a feeling that if he does enter Parliament successfully, they'll be grooming him to be a Minister, or even the next PM.

Anonymous said...

MG Chan Chun Sing looks like will be fielded in Tanjong Pagar GRC. Looks like this GRC will be also the only walkover constituency.

So if they intend to groom MG Chan as future PM, the first step is already laid out swee swee (perfect).

But then who will be groomed as the alternative potential future PM from the opposition? Looking at the way and direction of the opposition now, has it even started yet?

If not, then I think MG Chan is well assured to be future PM too, if that is what the PAP had intended.

Anonymous said...

"The change must be miraculous. Just days ago they were chanting - we are servants! we are servants!

Tells you how much you can trust their words."

What they telling you is this. When they are servants then you must be dog. Who they think is the master ? Your guess is as good as mine.

When they say what they are, they always intent that the rest are one step below them !

Anonymous said...

What a bunch stupid staunch PAP supporters down here.

Just because he is a nice person , you vote for him ? Then you deserve to go to hell because devil can be nice to you if he able to drag you to hell.

By the way, what is the role of MP and minister ? To run as estate manager ?

Anonymous said...

are you serious ? You mean you vote for your MP because he run your estate well ? How about other issue like cost of living , etc ... isn't those are more pressing problems ?

No wonder Singaporeans deserve the kind of government !

Anonymous said...

The next PM will probably be another seat warmer for the subsequent one to follow.

I cannot think otherwise, when PM Lee talks about the next PM not having the luxury of time to learn before taking over the job, as he did. Is he hinting at appointing another seat warmer, a caretaker, and that the future PM has already been singled out for grooming?

Anonymous said...

Singapore is a very small red dot and vulnerable so our MPs and Ministers must be well chosen. That is one of the main arguments for paying them high salaries.

To be a good MP one must not only be a good manager, a good administrator and staunch Party supporter. One must also have the nation's and the people's interests at hear. One must have a radar and a vision that look beyond the limited horizon of the town council and the constituency to the rest of Singapore, the region and the world.

What I am hearing from the PAP slate of candidates is that they all wished to be judged and to be elected on how well they run the town councils and the constituencies.

It's about time for these MPs and their wannabes and the PAP in general to realize that an MP needs to be and do much more. We remember and are grateful to Dr Goh Keng Swee bacause he built up the economy, the army, the trade union and Singapore's place in the world. We do not remember him just because he was able to run the Meet the People's sessions well.

I fear what these MPs will do for and to us.

Amused said...

A little off topic -

The kentridgecommon account has just been disabled. Someone can't take the heat this coming election?

Anonymous said...

"What I am hearing from the PAP slate of candidates is that they all wished to be judged and to be elected on how well they run the town councils and the constituencies."
Anon April 25, 2011 11:00 PM

This is precisely what majoirty peasant voters want and that's why PAP can win!

Ask yourself. Even if an opposition candidate wins in their ward, their party is unlikely to form the government. They also cannot do anything on legislation in Parliament if PAP has more than 2/3 majority.

So how can the opposition MP do a better job than PAP MP, who will obviously have the better support of the PAP government?

So majority peasants, deep in their hearts, will be asking these final questions before they mark the ballot paper.

Anonymous said...

Imagine this scenerio:

You go for an interview, the interviewer asks you: Tell me why I should hire you and not the other candidates.

You: Oh, I've written in my CV, u can get the ans there.

Case close.

Anonymous said...

the best part of this all is

"sent from my iPad"

The writer bothered to draft a long heartfelt letter in decent English and all Mr Lui did was send some random 100 world reply.

It's like he couldn't be bothered to draft a decent reply. How Arrogant.

Anonymous said...

Anon April 26, 2011 5:01 AM

For million dollar ministers, every minute of theirs is a lot of "lui" (money) and therefore must be treasured.

If they spend time to write long letters, they will use up a lot of "lui". So cannot anyhow waste "lui".

Anonymous said...

Mr Wang, are you not going to write anything on the curious case of VB vs VW? That is like the hottest topic now.

Anonymous said...

I am not very well educated but I assume that Kent ridge common room refers to one of the local universities in the following post,

"A little off topic -

The kentridgecommon account has just been disabled. Someone can't take the heat this coming election'

I thought Singapore has academic freedom?

Anonymous said...

You guys believe such a cock and bull story?

Anonymous said...

This article further proves my belief that we have idiot*** candidates in our government.

Anonymous said...

all these sounds to me totally petty and unproductive. everyone has a bad day.. if he's judged based on this.. guess no one is qualified to be MP.

Anonymous said...

this is more of the typical rubbish from opposition sympathisers. really pathethic. get your candidates to work hard and be seen on the ground instead. what is far worse is not to be seen and have nothing to offer.

and if you have any guts, you would not delete this post as all these sympathisers always do.

Anonymous said...

Who let the dogs out?

Gilbert Koh aka Mr Wang said...

I have difficulty trusting any pro-PAP comments posted on my blog. Why? The reason is simple. I refer you to this Straits Times article in 2007.


Gee, by coincidence the article even mentions Lui Tuck Yew specifically. Excerpt from the ST article:

"ST Feb 3, 2007
PAP moves to counter criticism of party, Govt in cyberspace
By Li Xueying

THE People's Action Party (PAP) is mounting a quiet counter-insurgency against its online critics.

It has members going into Internet forums and blogs to rebut anti-establishment views and putting up postings anonymously.

Sources told The Straits Times the initiative is driven by two sub-committees of the PAP's 'new media' committee chaired by Manpower Minister Ng Eng Hen.

.... One sub-committee, co-headed by Minister of State (Education) Lui Tuck Yew and Hong Kah GRC MP Zaqy Mohamad, strategises the campaign.

The other is led by Tanjong Pagar GRC MP Baey Yam Keng and Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC MP Josephine Teo. Called the 'new media capabilities group', it executes the strategies.

Both were set up after last year's General Election. Aside from politicians, some 20 IT-savvy party activists are also involved.

When contacted, Mr Baey declined to give details of the group's activities, but he outlined the broad principles of the initiative.

... One activist who is involved said that when posting comments on online forums and the feedback boxes of blogs, he does not identify himself as a PAP member.

He tracks popular blogs and forums to 'see if there is anything we can clarify'

So I know you're here, PAP members, lurking in the midst, and SOME of my readers might even be fooled. But not me.

Anonymous said...

""Don't worry, [the incident] didn't leave a sour note with me nor a poor impression of you.""

Who think Lui is ? He think that he still in military, able to influence who get promoted ?

It is us that decide whether we have good impression of him not vice versa. This chap doesn't even know EQ and still want people to vote for him.

So either people who vote for him is likely to have low EQ or work for PAP.

Anonymous said...

Just say " I am sorry..." not a word of apology...

Anonymous said...

That's arrogance for you my friend!

Do you ever hear an apology from the old man?

Wei Zhang said...

You obviously stirred it...

Anonymous said...

"Changes are made to benefit the public and we are gaining from it every single day, things wouldn't get done if they have to answer the questions of EVERY individual."

Because if you don't answer this man's question you are going to lose his vote - and many others who learn about this incident!

Anonymous said...

"Incidentally, why are there so many Anonymous postings? Should one fear if one does not make groundless remarks? Talk about taking personal resposibilty. Maybe we should be tolerant of the system. Afterall the gernaral population seems to behave just like the cream of the crop."

Because we can't be bothered to sign in, we're not sure if you're Yio Chu Kang or Yeo Chee Keong either.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.33

Walk the talk. Why are you yourself?

Unknown said...

Lui Tuck Yew said, "When I bought my HDB flat in 1986, after living in a rental flat for 25 years, it was S$110,000. Nine years after that, in the mid-90's, I sold it for close to about S$400,000. The people of my generation who invested in HDB flats benefited, and the only reason we did so is because we had a strong and stable government that led us forward day by day, month by month, and year by year."

He made a windfall of about $300,000 during a time when the Hongkees were desperately trying to buy up properties in Singapore, thereby driving HDB flat prices sky high at that time. That was in 1995-96. But he attributed his gain to a strong and stable PAP govt. How dumb can he be?

And he was trying to use this to convince voters to vote for PAP. He thinks Singaporean voters are stupid?

Anonymous said...

Mr khaw BW n he were the two ministers telling the Tin PL to ignore whatever comments about herself as they are all noises! I do not have respect for these 2 men. It was in the paper when they were defending her.

How to expect these- think e nation owed them their million dollars paycheck men to be sincere n genuine serving the people?

Anonymous said...

To mr Wang,

To think that you actually like that mr khaw tt health minister? Think u better talk to more people in the public health care service. This man is only for his own kpi n maybe his own retirement in his hometown in Penang. Who would come out with policy to send their old parents to Malaysia for treatment? This policy clearly does not benefits True blue singaporean who are rooted here n does not have links elsewhere. It will only benefit the FT who come here to earn our S$ but live their cheaper cost of living in Malaysia or plan to return there for retirement.

N why is Khoo teck pa hospital built so fast n we have a flood of lousy foreign doctors coming in? Has someone w millionaire dollars pay forgot to plan ahead?

For yr info, most doc n nurses in public hospital do not like him!

Tt is the problem with the FT policy. When u have too many of them coming in here n be yr minister or mp or boss or supervisor, they can only be here for their own agenda or benefits. People would not be rooted here cos it's just for making yr $$$ n run. It is unlike the more homogenous society (not too sure if I use the right word), like Taiwan, Japan or Germany whereby it's still make up mostly of their own true blue bred n grown citizens, they will float n sink with their nation! Not ours!

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely ridiculous. Now that Liu is Transport Minister, let's hope he gets thrown shit left, right and center.

mary said...

nothing shocking about his comments do not make a mountain out of mole behave mature each and every one of us dont be so childish

Anonymous said...

After reading so many comments needless to say u already got the answer JUST DONT VOTE HIM IN

Bachak said...

I will never vote for PAP in my whole life.

Anonymous said...

The fault laid on Mr. Wang as he don't understand the Caste System in Singapore. Being a Lesser Mortals, he is only a serf to the elites. Do you ever see slave question the decision of his master?