Dec 11, 2007

More on Town Councils & Their Sinking Funds

I just received an email from an SPH journalist who wished to interview me about town councils and their gigantic sinking funds.

She says that her likely angle will be about netizens expressing their unhappiness about how town councils are using the conservancy and service charges paid by Singaporeans.

I still do interviews with
non-mainstream publications, academic researchers, foreign university students etc. But it has been my personal policy for quite some time now to avoid contact with the mainstream media. So I will decline this interview.

However, if any of you netizens out there feel strongly about this matter and are interested in speaking to this journalist, please email me ( or leave your contact details in the comment section below. And I will ask the journalist if she would be interested in getting in touch with you.

A reader by the name of Coder had earlier left many detailed comments on my town council post and has obviously done some good research into the matter. Coder, it might be particularly interesting for you to speak to the SPH journalist - do consider.

And thanks for your earlier comments.


Anonymous said...

Wang San

What's the point of taking part in an exercise where the conclusion has been pre-determined and all that's left is to look for fragments of 'evidence' that support the "concluded" conclusion?

Anonymous said...

i'm so sick an tired of this country with its selfish policies that i really wish i can earn enought to get out of here soon.
if only my hubby is supportive of my decision to work overseas...
this place is a sinking ground for singaporeans..

i tell my friends that if they wana stay on, better start learning all the national songs by heart so that they can perform 10 years down the road, as aborigines of course!! hahaha

don't forget the great singapore workout!!

Anonymous said...

i've a feeling they will distort your comments mr wang!! selective editing will be at work!!

Anonymous said...

The local media has no credibility. They are just looking for voices to cosmetically "balance" their articles. Only the blind will fail to see their deceptive slant.

The online community has way more objectivity and valuable insights.

Anonymous said...

Mr Wang, thanks for the offer.

The information I posted is available in the public domain. The reporter can go there to obtain the information. I believe that if they go through the information, the editorial team can form critical conclusions, if they are allowed to do so.

I also do not want to part of their "nation building" efforts. If they are not into serious investigative reporting, then what is there to write.

They are in damage control, as always. When there are huge negative feelings on the net, they will switch to their "nation building" mode. Of course, in the end, they will eventually find some online guys who "agree" with their editorial directions.

I would rather sieve through the available information and form my conclusions. I encourage readers to the same too.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hm...perhaps it's something they feel about but don't dare to write, so they are making use of you to do the criticisms.