Jul 5, 2007

Well, This is Unfortunate

I actually welcome disagreement and vigorous discussion about my posts - I always have, it is one of my charming characteristics as a blogger.

But unfortunately two or three particular individuals have degenerated into passing insulting remarks of an ad hominen nature and making personal attacks etc etc.

Such remarks (1) don't add any value to the discussion, (2) adversely affect the quality of the overall exchange between readers in the comment section and (3) also create an unfriendly atmosphere that intimidates other readers who genuinely want to post questions or comments.

So I'll have to turn on the comment moderation function.

Readers who sincerely disagree with me on any point should feel free to post comments indicating their disagreement. I give my assurance that these comments will continue to be published if they are genuine comments addressing the subject matter of my posts (as opposed to comments calling me a "fork-tongued lawyer"; a "retard" etc).

Oh, that includes those two or three individuals as well (or rather, the two individuals, one of whom has been masquerading as two separate individuals). You're still welcome to post comments if you refrain from bad behaviour.


小朋友 said...

hey mr wang, i appreciate all your posting and most of the time, i find them exceeding intriguing and most fascinating.

having said that, i feel that u should not moderate the comments, because i get such a good time seeing those ridiculous comments. most of your readers are very well informed and are probably critical consumers of information, when we see such comments, it says a lot about the person's maturity and intellect (or the lack thereof)

cheers! and i'm gonna start with the goal writing thing the very next morning and i'll email you about my progress! =)

- kie zin

BTH said...


Ad Hominems are when you attack the person and not the argument.

I believe I have always provided reasons and explanations behind my rebuttals.

When someone argues stupidly, you can point out the absurdity of his reasoning and then call him an idiot. This you have done too.

The SecRetard definition isn't mine. Google it.

Since you have used the very same fallacious arguments as they have and I have listed it down too (some of it) I had to include you to their membership. :-)

Now it may have been rude of me but your obstinacy and comeback comments repeating yet more "Appeals to Authority" eg. Brian Josephson with Lin Leong really got my monkey up. I was thinking to myself this guy is really an idiot. He keeps repeating his mistakes. And doesn't even understand The Falsifiability *Principle*
from *belief* Good grief. WTF!

Now, this explains my behaviour and rudeness and isn't an excuse. I am normally very measured and polite in discussions. My weakness is that I don't suffer fools gladly, more so, arrogant ones.

Still, I should not have been as rude as I had been.

Mea culpa.

I doubt if I will visit your Blog again since the trajectory you are adopting is to continue to *prove* that Mindhacking works which is meaningless and a no-brainer because it fails the PF test. An exercise in futility. But this is your Blog.

All the best.

P.S. - Even if I do comment, a most unlikely prospect, rest assured it would be like a good boi, polite without any name calling. Sarcasm OTH I presume is allowed? :-)

P.P.S - You needn't publish this but I had to explain and apologise for my actions and this was the easiest avenue.

Sam said...

bth, I also owe you an apology for egging you on. As an excitable young man searching for the meaning of life, I know I can be hard to deal with sometimes :-)

Anonymous said...

When irresponsible people undermine the character and credibility of others without merit, its like starting a bush fire and scurrying away. In the long run everyone is affected, no one wins, not those who write and even less so for those who choose to read. Everyone loses all across the board. In these past few weeks, I have seen a few of these cases and I feel very sad for the writers, who have not only invested their time, talent and energy which they could have been well spent elsewhere. No one wins.

This is a lesson I have learnt.

Anonymous said...

The best are all going because of the worst. The end is near.